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  1. awesome man says:

    my DOT POWERS can see invisible prey,

  2. thatguy22 says:

    You do the hoky poky and you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about!

  3. eli1211 says:

    going for a touch down!!!!

  4. john2ny7 says:

    Want some more yo?

  5. john2ny7 says:

    And right step,, left step, right, left, right, yay now i can dance

  6. indiana jones says:

    Ready… two steps to the left… two steps to the right … to hops two hops … cris cross cris cross … thats the disco !!!!

  7. f says:

    I am the ultamaite pro boxer

  8. agent123 says:

    Why can`t I stand on my tail?

  9. supercool man says:

    Ouch hot sand hot sand

  10. Tiger=Awesome says:

    Guys, over here! I’m open!

  11. Matty-Magoo says:

    Dance with me!!!

  12. legoman 95 says:

    he goes for the pass, its up and going…

  13. mloo says:

    I am a ballerina jaguar

  14. Greek geek says:

    It’s time to tap dance,yeh!!

  15. gorrila says:

    hey i can stand on 2 legs!!!!!!!

  16. crazyman123 says:

    Hey! Where’d everybody go?! I only wanted a hug… Hey! Hey buddy! Awww….

  17. madlips5 says:

    Come here,little birdie. To my mouth.

  18. bigguy says:

    invisible hug

  19. Best kid says:


  20. Best kid says:

    “I AM A DANCING LEPERD, OH OH, HES DANCING!” And I like this picture. SO LOL!

  21. minicoopjames says:

    I’m finally going to catch this pesky fly

  22. robe says:

    hes trying to dance

  23. NinjaWaffleMan says:

    Awww….somebody needs a hug!!!

  24. makmak16 says:

    thou shalt do the dance

  25. This Random Guy says:

    Teach me how to dougie!

  26. Bandit says:

    the paparazzi

  27. BSARules says:

    Hey, maybe I’ll get the hang of standing on my hind legs!! Owoh, alittle foward. Maybe I should take a break.

  28. Shinyraquaza says:

    Give me food!

  29. welbelo scout cordell says:

    I am the disco cheetah and I am funky.

  30. funguy IIII says:

    Oh goody! Disco music!

  31. funboy10 says:

    Hey, the boxing trainer was here yesterday, but were is he now?

  32. AwordAdam says:

    Give me a hug! Come on guys please? Just one…

  33. M says:

    I can’t wait! Tomorrow is my birthday! I’m so excited! !Woo Hoo! Let’s party!

  34. Pedro says:

    Hey!Throw the pigskin here!

  35. mysterious monster says:

    This dancing lesson isn’t going very well.

  36. Striker says:

    Hey!!! wait up you guys or i will run on my two back legs

  37. Gameguy says:

    I love my job as a mime.

  38. jabberjaws says:

    Hey what is that red stuff on my mouth

  39. jabberjaws says:

    Look at me im so cute

  40. jabberjaws says:


  41. legoxeverett says:

    give me a hug!!!!!!!!

  42. Pack4scout says:

    Lets fight Shaq!

  43. JoeBob says:

    Hey, anybody wanna dance?

  44. Maxpower88 says:

    RUN!Ash thinks I’m a Pokemon!

  45. favio75 says:

    Humans let me join you; no I won’t eat you.

  46. powerbot237 says:

    comon guys wait up for me dont you remember me kyle from jr. high?

  47. Saturn says:

    No one likes my dancing

    • Greek geek says:

      I LOVE your user name,like the Greek god Cronus.my username is jupiter31 Jupiter as in zeus and some random numbers at the end

  48. monkben says:

    do you guys think i do a good irish jig??????

  49. hiccup says:

    I love that crazy beat.

  50. ben says:

    im sonic and you cant toucthis

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