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What’s going on in this picture? What is that squirrel doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Ahmad G says:

    Flash your squirrelie!

  2. crazyboy says:

    maby a bit taller…

  3. TheEpicBudder says:

    Dang it, out of film!

  4. TheEpicBudder says:

    Say “Nuts!”

  5. JJ says:

    Say acorns!

  6. KHAZAMM says:

    Move a little to the left! That nut is blocking you!!

  7. J man says:

    Lights! Camera! Acorns!

  8. minecraft says:

    come on can’t we be done already?

  9. serpentv says:

    Say, Nuts!!!!!!!!!:]

  10. tom says:

    sunny dose this computer hav an internet in it

  11. Torrent says:

    Ready…..Ready …….. Darn it I moved!

  12. UniKitty says:

    Darn these hi-tech and new things, Mary, how do you set this again?

  13. Gxaxvxixnx says:

    This photo is going to be nuts!

  14. zman says:

    Say nuts!!!

  15. TechGuy says:

    Lights, Camera, ACTION

  16. Melan says:

    mm…yep.. this will do…

  17. winnerwinner says:

    say nuts!!!!

  18. dragon says:

    ok, the camera’s rolling! say WALNUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Cop195 says:

    This is nuts hold still!

  20. Speed Surge says:

    Who cares about the negative? I can focus!

  21. lolz the captionmaker says:

    Now, I don’t want the photo to look copyrighted, so make sure you’re smiling with your mouth open and acorns in them!

  22. Jake says:

    Look at this squirrel that’s a pretty squirrel lets get the photo purfect

  23. racer34 says:

    Ok that’s it more to the lft

  24. shadow says:

    A little to the left…got it!

  25. natey says:

    Smile and say nuts.

  26. D. Vey says:

    wow! these pictures are amazing. let’s take a couple more of this area

  27. ThePoptag says:

    Made for the squirrel, designed by humans.

  28. Noah D says:

    Dang it. I blinked. It took forever to get my fur like this!

  29. nutty says:

    everyone smile and say “Nuts!”

  30. Niark says:

    what is this? THIS IS SPARTA!

  31. Jones says:

    If he had the camera who took the picture

  32. THE LEGO FIG says:

    Is this my missing telescope?CLICK!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO MY TELESCOPE!?

  33. Smokeykearns says:

    Steady steady 1,2…… Uh how do I press the button man made stuff now days.

  34. aka Harry Potter says:

    Excuse me, put spraying dirt on the lens is not exactly helping!

  35. tanked says:

    *FLASH* hey black thingamabob, stop hurting my eyes!!!!!

  36. mrmanisaboy says:

    come a little closer humans. Closer, closer!

  37. R says:

    three, two, one SMILE WAIT I DON’T HAVE THUMBS HOW WILL I TAKE THIS PICTURE * goes into rage mode *

  38. Derathlos says:

    I wonder how much this would sell for on Ebay…

  39. $illydilly chily willy say... says:

    oh… the nut job is gonna be perfect!!!but …no nuts.

  40. dee1=9 says:

    321 … ALVIN!!!

  41. legofreak410 says:

    Okay, everybody! Say “nuts!”

  42. RJ says:

    Okay, everybody say NUTS!

  43. Squirrel eating squirrel says:

    Whoa what is this? (Click) wow this thing makes nuts! Ow! The nut is protected by some magical force field!

  44. Squirrel eating squirrel says:

    I love this flashy thingy, hey giant! What’s this called again? Hmm I think he can’t hear me.

    Human: AHHHH!!!! He’s in my pants!!

  45. Nutty says:

    Thanks for letting me borrow your camera but I just can’t see a little bit of everything.

  46. Spaceman Spiff says:

    I’m gonna go NUTS if I can’t figure out how to use this thing!!

  47. Spaceman Spiff says:

    This one’s going on nutty-gram!

  48. Spaceman Spiff says:

    Okay, on the count of three, everybody smile and say “ACORNS!!”

  49. Scientist77 says:

    Someone just earned the photographer merit badge! :]

  50. Baller1520 says:

    Bring that nut just a little farther away from your face, Johnny.

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