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What’s going on in this picture? What is that bear doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. happy says:

    Richard!!!! Did you come to push me off?????

  2. T-dawg says:

    So, are ya comin’ or what?

  3. Henry Danger says:

    Did you bring my fries?

  4. marsh-a-man says:

    Well,are you commen’ or not?

  5. Mr.Hotdog says:

    “Don’t worry. I’m on a diet. I’m only 546 pounds!”

  6. blablabla says:

    Can’t wait to fix this old boat up and go for a ride out on BEAR LAKE.

  7. Cdawg says:

    Finally I’ve been waiting ages for someone to take me fishing

  8. 45stars says:


  9. Anonymous Again says:

    You’ll have to bear with me. We seem to have a teensy weensy drought.

  10. SharkBoy says:

    WHAT?! Maximum weight 500 pounds?! Oh heck no, I’m relaxing and I’m not gettin outta here

  11. I Cornthrower says:

    Yep I just bought of da internetts

  12. Jabber3,000 says:

    I better try land first since I sunk the bot last time

  13. Doctorbanana says:

    That boat trip was un-bear-able.

  14. Boss11 says:

    What, just because you have a cool boat it means you can’t share anymore? Jeez

  15. dabombbutter says:

    so,you ready.

  16. Achiever10 says:

    I wanna go tubing! I wanna go tubing!

  17. Epicbacon says:

    Today, I’ve decided to be human!

  18. Andres1122 says:

    Just taking a bath.

  19. Mr. Been says:

    Hey pa’ look what i founed.
    it’s mine

  20. James Bond says:

    Rats! I thought it was a hot tub

  21. poke lover says:

    Want to go fishing bro?

  22. nutellafan2 says:

    Those humans leave behind the best stuff!

  23. Eagle scout 172 says:

    (Ahhh bear)….. See son (says papa bear) this is what happens when bears get boating lessons

  24. Dude says:

    Why can’t a bear have some relaxation time.

  25. BoomBoomBeach says:

    Hey, could you give me a lift? I would do it myself, but
    i’m a bear.

  26. XQCUTKY says:

    Best day ever! They left all of their FOOD in here!

  27. #3017 says:

    Wats up bro? I’m Goin’ fishing bear style

  28. sheep101 says:

    Just another day at the beach.

  29. Anonymous says:

    A little birdy told me you guys were fishing today.

  30. tryin to b funny says:

    Deadliest catch,look out cause here I come!

  31. Michael SanFrancisco says:

    I was fishing but my boat crashed can you help me

  32. the bear says:

    what are you lookin at

  33. scout boy says:

    what are you lookin at

  34. awesome dude says:

    this how you fish???

  35. CoolGeek says:

    Now I can go further and get more fish!

  36. hogman says:

    come on dad how long does it take to to get live minos

  37. AWESOMEDUDE says:

    “You wanna go fishing?”

  38. LiamMc says:

    Sup dude want to go on a boat ride with me?

  39. eye slash says:

    dont be chicken, push me off

  40. eye slash says:

    who is pushing off

  41. NASCARKid24 says:

    You are not invited to be in my skiff

  42. Quiz-wizz says:


  43. Shobaloba says:

    Oh, yea. I meant to get stuck in the boat. (Can you please help me get out?)

  44. Jame says:

    Hey let’s go fishing. I’m hungry

  45. Anonymous says:

    Yo man want to go fishing?pleasssse I’m hungry!

  46. Trevino 167 says:

    Shoulda seen her before I fixed her up…

  47. kingjames6476 says:

    just chillin…HEY,
    what you lookin at.

  48. XY says:

    Hey you got change? No? Scram!!

  49. KnotMan says:

    Find a boat they said. It will get you off the island they said.

  50. BlaizeonFire says:

    Alright i’m in the boat do you have the equipment?

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