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What’s going on in this picture? What is this Lego Scout doing and what is he thinking?

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Thanks to “Lego-Dude” for this great photo.

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. bucket says:

    help any one well i guess i can hunt for scouters or be laze

  2. LLAMA BUYER says:

    OK, I’ve been hiking for 40 HOURS, and I haven’t found a single squirrel or a tree. What kind of nature reserve is this?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. Funness says:

    How did this happen? I’m surrounded by circles!

  4. B man says:

    hello,I uh,can’t see how good I look,there’s no mirrors out here.

  5. CHURROITO says:

    “good news is im in the middle of no where ” shoot!

  6. Drakus says:

    Huh, I have a green thumb, a green hat, green pants, oh and a green world!

  7. claymojw says:

    Hey guys im camping out in the woods with my friend bob. Hey, bob wheres the tent? BOB! oh great my mom took me to the WRONG campsite. you probly think i can just go home but my MOM left.

  8. fly says:

    Pedro? is that you? oh yeh they havnt made u as a lego yet

  9. Carbison says:

    UH OH GOTTA PEE!!!IS THERE AN OUTHOUSE?!Wait, I got tons of white LEGOs. I’ll build a toilet!

  10. schoolrule5 says:

    Aw,great. How do I make a campfire without wood. Who cares, I don’t have a hachet anyway. Where’s home?

  11. dude2060 says:

    Hello! hello! theres a lifeless object just standing there!!!

  12. dude2060 says:

    dude wheres all the fun in being lifeless when your a scout???????

  13. cheerleadergirl204 says:

    ok,here i am standing here with my troop..wait..Scoutmaster?hello?great i am lost again

  14. awesomeness says:

    if only i can walk

  15. rosie345 says:

    going on a hike…. hey! GUYS! BEAR!!!!!!!!

  16. gamemaster101 says:

    shhh! Andys coming! places everyone! what where are you guys!

  17. funnyguy says:

    …and now for the fun part of shooting a bow!Bring in the targets!

  18. Nelco says:

    Huh… how come I always wake up as a lego?

  19. fluffyhorse says:

    Aten-Hut….. hey were did my other scouts go.

  20. chub rub man says:

    Now where are those dang woodchucks chuckin’ my wood!!!

  21. Conzeco says:

    “Hey! I think I finally found camp!”

  22. abc713 says:

    After many long hours Bob finally noticed that the shovel wouldn’t work on the ground made of Legos.

  23. Agent Lynam says:

    Not again! When ever I go to the bathroom I get lost.

  24. BSA TROOP 13 says:

    Hey look, Bob is playing with a wild kitty, oh crud

  25. Spacebar says:

    I should have showered before coming on this campout…

  26. Autobot says:

    Where the heck am I?

  27. hykmlngfkmfgksjojngf says:

    hey the camp is missing, i must be geting old

  28. default says:

    what happened to STRAWBERRY fields forever? this is just grass!

  29. The Wall says:

    I think I saw Bigfoot.

  30. Dan Shan says:

    Where oh Where did the other guys go, Oh where oh where could they be!?!

  31. Bluedropmmm says:


  32. Keeno scout says:

    I’ve come in pieces.

  33. sonic the armadillo says:

    get off my lawn you *bleep*in kids or i’ll shoot your *bleep*in head off

  34. AKsurvivor says:

    “Where is the tent?Wait, HELLO? ANYBODY?”

  35. claw says:

    Not again!

  36. Hayd says:

    Heh, they don’t know what there missing.

  37. super dooper1234567890 says:

    were the heck am I =<

  38. ultrasonic2000 says:

    Okay….Where did I put my tent?

  39. Nedward says:

    I wonder how much a bushel these green lego’s will bring on the open

  40. halo2master says:

    when does this field end i have been walking for two hours and found nothing

  41. king dedede says:

    I knew I should’ve taken that left turn in Alberquerque.

  42. DaffyDopey452 says:

    Where did everybody go????
    I’m a lost toy!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tiger=Awesome says:

    With this stick, I shall create fire!!

  44. Legolas says:

    grate I lost harry again voldamorst going to be real mad at me! ware is the troop?

  45. SargeBSA says:

    That brick is getting closer

  46. Scoutmaster says:

    Where did everybody go?

  47. Dudeydude says:

    Wow, a field of green ! Let’s explore! Green, green, green and more green? This is boring. Buh- bye!

  48. flanative3 says:

    im confused wat do i do? um guys?………………..

  49. legomaster says:

    Oh Boy! Archery is fun! I bet I could shoot a mountion lion from here!

  50. scout557 says:

    weres the camp

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