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What’s going on in this picture? What is this Lego Scout doing and what is he thinking?

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Thanks to “Lego-Dude” for this great photo.

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  1. RICHAAARGH says:

    Firs lego batman, then lego star wars, then lego pirates, and now lego boys life? Oh wow…

  2. thefaynster says:

    BSL-Boy Scouts of Legoland

  3. master.jr says:

    why am i lion bate!

  4. cool says:

    where is the tent

  5. Awesomeness says:

    Uhhh guys?

  6. phuny says:

    i’ve heared the phrase “go green” but this is ridiculous.

  7. bazinga134 says:

    So much for mowing the lawn.

  8. reader says:

    where are you Harry Poter

  9. master says:

    i am a lego scout

  10. Chopy2008 says:

    This takes the whole fun out of hunting, i mean where are the animals? Have the lego people made lego animals yet?!?

  11. ty says:

    okay people we have covered about 3480 miles of green. only 1232465500 more miles to go then we have to go back home the same way unless we take an airplane.

  12. No Cheese Fer You says:

    Okay gu…DANG IT!They abandoned me!NOOOOOOO!

  13. CPU says:

    Is that a bow I see?

  14. LoneWolf says:

    ohhh So this is what global worming is.

  15. parkster says:

    So I says to the guy, It’s in Matthew chapter 7 not chapter 2! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wow. You lego pegs are a tough crowd.

  16. anakin says:

    hey look mom I’m hunting chewbaca

  17. henry viii says:

    I’m from Lilliput.

  18. Axman4000 says:

    No matter how hard I try, I can’t get rid of any of these green stubs!

  19. CRAZY DUDE says:

    Wait a minute this is a crossbow,awww I wanted a rock!

  20. bacon says:

    i’m hunting wabbits

  21. Tay says:

    This is a rake!!! I wanted a torch!!!

  22. cubsfan6 says:

    I wish I could move my legs on my own…

  23. trebuchet guy says:

    I thought this was the right time and place

  24. BoyScout943 says:

    Okay. I think I can make a fire now. I just have to figure out what a stick looks like.

  25. bubu says:


  26. webelos 149 says:

    hey where is everybody! not funny guys!

  27. buddy says:

    That lego is looking at me in a strange way.

  28. Jedi Sean says:

    “Our giant, human god is makina another person!”

  29. dredded says:

    why did i have to get this silly bow i wanted a gun

  30. yugioh1232 says:

    how can I breathe on the green moon in space?

  31. trainman44 says:

    okay lego dudes thats 1 mile down 77002200 and 7744 miles to go on our hike

  32. masterchief says:

    if i see any more green, i’m gonna fall to pieces!

  33. 9toes says:

    out of the way fellas

  34. Sarath says:

    I wish I had oposoble thumbs.CURSE YOU GEPPETO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Bowser Jr.&Sprinter says:

    Okay,Lego dudes,do you want to take a hike?
    It is 999,000,000,000,000,000,999,23 miles!

  36. CC says:

    Aaah! A giant camera! Turn off the Flash!

  37. lego man says says:

    why is this grass so bumpy

  38. HUNGRY MOB says:

    where did my target go? wait where did everybody go?

  39. Cool dude says:

    Next time I should bring a map.

  40. Halo Wars says:

    I’m walking in the middle of nowhere!!!

  41. 8125 says:

    Where is my toy car! I put it right here!

  42. GreyWolf says:

    So, he said 3 pegs to the left and 19 BACKWARD? Lego math is so hard.

  43. 100acrewood says:

    I wonder why I never have to cut the grass…

  44. A Kid says:

    Well i geuss my cleaning service project is done. It’s so clean there is nothing left.

  45. Sk8 dude says:

    “Oh my gosh, green was my favorite color now there is WAY too much of it!”

  46. ion says:

    Here’s a lego guy that is not starwars but can use the force.

  47. Lego-Dude says:

    where did every one go??????

  48. 007 says:

    Okay I got a stick.now how do you make fire?

  49. cool person says:

    If I had a dollar for everytime my legs were stuck to the ground!

  50. cool person says:


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