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What’s going on in this picture? What is this horse doing and what is he thinking?

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Thanks to “farmscout88” for this great photo.

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Dr.Doom says:

    Where is my car? Well,better use the car remote. Where is the car remote?

  2. da pink floyd says:

    i hope u dont mind do u

  3. Waves739 says:

    I think I’m in the wrong parking lot.

  4. dawg5 says:

    Get outta my way!!

  5. pianomaster123 says:

    Make way for the Amazing Horsie

  6. bubba says:

    sotp horseing around

  7. bobisnotslob2 says:

    wait a minute. THESE ARENT REALLY SHINY FEMALES!!!! oh i’ll show those humans

  8. Trololo says:

    Gotta shimmy through…

  9. Trololo says:

    Defy traffic!

  10. jr says:

    I wonder how many horses are in this. No wait if only I was smaller cause’ I want to drive!

  11. ninja dude says:

    Don’t you know what horse crossing is?

  12. Camper jack says:

    Hey….Your in my stall!!!!!!

  13. chuck says:

    Where did I park again

  14. yoyo says:

    when i went inside the store 30 seconds later i come out and someone stole my parking spot

  15. dudedudedudedude2 says:

    Hey, baby. Nice, um, headlights. Wanna go to dinner?

  16. pokemondude2 says:

    Excuse me sir? I think I’m lost. Can you point me to Red Robin’s? I’m supposed to meet my rider there.

  17. j says:

    They say you have 175 horsepower?

  18. Uranium138 says:

    I’ll sue you for that!!!!!!!!!

  19. Aviation Lover says:

    “Excuse me, can you give me directions? I’m totally lost!”

  20. Juice says:

    Were on earth is a parking spot?

  21. tony hawk fan says:

    excuse me can i come through?

  22. monkeyman says:

    I’M A CAR TOO!!!! VROOM, VROOM!!!!

  23. da rob-o says:

    Oops. Sorry about that. Just passing through

  24. E.H. says:

    The sign says ‘horse crossing’ ,people! Cars aren’t the ONLY way to get around!

  25. Anonymous says:

    The horse bandit. I steal car!!!!!!

  26. Parker P says:

    The horse wants to play Froger in real life

  27. Benjaminio says:

    horse crossing!

  28. FIFAMAN12 says:

    now…….which one is my 900 horsepower car???

  29. scout says:

    The horse is in his parking space.

  30. superstar says:

    hey im parked here

  31. call of duty MW3 says:

    where am i…………….wheres the ice cream truck

  32. Brister867 says:

    Come on Ive got great horsepower

  33. madsushi93 says:

    Look at my brand new Mustang!

  34. Mickey3 says:

    Is this my car? Nope, it’s not my car

  35. bigpapa says:

    where did i park my car

  36. burgerguy says:

    [Gasp] CAR STABLES!!!

  37. horsey says:

    HORSE POWER is on my side

  38. Chupacabra says:

    Traffic jam? Again?

  39. tuba says:

    Oh, Yeah. My master is going to wear me out soon… He’s going old-fashioned!

  40. kkkkk says:

    hmmm…. Where did meh trailer go?! I was just using the bathroom, and it gone!!!

  41. Broncoboy#2 says:

    Hay dont ya see the sign! Its an animal cross walk

  42. applejax 500 says:

    neigh! go faster

  43. wat THE horse says:

    Where did i park my mustamg? she is suppose to ride me to the farm supply building.

  44. Igotbored says:

    Man what are you guys doing in those things? I have more horsepower!

  45. Dillybar says:

    Not a lot of parking around here is there?

  46. 567878 says:

    Darn these new fangled contraptions.

  47. Lego dude says:

    Hey! Has anyone seen my mustang?

  48. big G says:

    free parking,whoo whoo!

  49. AM@TT says:

    Lots and lots of horse power

  50. sugar freak says:

    I thought this lot was for cars…

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