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What’s going on in this picture? What is this parakeet doing and what is he thinking?

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Thanks to “Jellydoe” for this great photo.

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. litewave27 says:

    dont tell me what to do sign!

  2. super flaming dino says:

    HEY! this ain’t pizza hut and what does this sign say i sure wish i could read

  3. Blue Kirby says:

    Chirp! Don’t record your voice on a ladder. Chirp.

  4. wicky456 says:

    Who’s laughing Now, Humans?!

  5. Cat lover says:

    I’m king of the world!

  6. ??? says:

    I go where no other parrot has gone before!!!

  7. tweety says:

    come on, try and get through me

  8. AnonymousBoysLifefan says:

    hmm…danger must that mean have fun like the guy in the picture.

  9. AnonymousBoysLifefan says:

    I am going snowboarding like the guy in the picture.

  10. kidinator says:

    Rules, ha, who needs em’

  11. TheEpicOne says:

    I’m a rebel.

  12. twinkyty says:

    …is this safe for bird’s,not cat’s

  13. psdaisy says:

    Its okay.I’m 3,456,789,123,465,768 years old.I WANNA DIE!

  14. will says:

    When a birds gotta paint, a birds gotta paint!

  15. Pedro says:

    Is this why i failed English?

  16. wisp1397 says:

    the sign, is wrong

  17. Dragon Ball Fan says:

    I don’t care ’cause I can see my cage from up here!

  18. Calvin says:

    Who cares? I can fly!

  19. J-man says:

    SWACK! What the heck is going on here!SWACK! I want to go back to Rio!

  20. Indy99 says:

    Shhhhhh. I’m pretending that I’m a Bald Eagle So Be Quiet

  21. thefaynster says:

    I’m about to go skydiving! Woo-Hoo!

  22. Puffle lover123 says:

    This is sqwawkin awesome!!!!!!!

  23. RICHAAARGH says:

    I think I just climbed into the death zone of mt. ladder.

  24. Mrdsax says:

    the guy in the picture looks like hes having a good time let me try it

  25. Puffle lover123 says:

    I am an aweseome danger bird of awesomeness. Did I mention i’m awesome?

  26. Awesomeness says:

    I’m the amazing lightweight being!

  27. jake says:

    Here kitty just go one step above me.

  28. uopdabomb says:

    hmmm it shows a human falling so if im not human that picture doesnt mean anything to me right?

  29. copper says:

    da-ang-er? i wonder what that means/

  30. FireBreather 2.0 says:

    here kitty! kitty! kitty!

  31. JHK says:

    Here, kitty, kitty, just one more step…

  32. RainjinmaruNinjaX says:

    the ladder is a liar, because i’ve been living up here all my life and i haven’t fallen off here all my life

  33. beth says:

    hmmm. I think that whoever built this ladder was inacurate in drawing the bird.

  34. bazinga134 says:

    I resent this prejudice.

  35. bazinga134 says:

    Here, kitty kitty. Come and get me… heh heh.

  36. reader says:

    did anyone read the sign?

  37. boney10 says:

    Welcome to mount death gift shop and cafe.Warning unstable rocks.

  38. Chopy2008 says:

    I don’t CARE what that sign says, i’m a brid

  39. ty says:

    ah nothing like a nice beautiful morning up on the danger zone. wait what?! well at least i have wings an did not fall. my friends said i would fall. hah!

  40. LoneWolf says:

    Now who’s the birdbrain “sqwak” I showed them it’s not dangourgres.

  41. parkster says:

    I rise above danger. Literally!

  42. parkster says:

    Ha!! They said I would fall!!

  43. henry viii says:

    What, i can’t have a giant birdhouse?

  44. play67 says:

    lucky im not a human who would fall

  45. cici888 says:

    I’m king of the world!

  46. Shimmer99 says:

    Look at all those humans trying to get up here. What- is there a sign that says they’ll fall? No.

  47. Avon says:

    Now Ive really got a birds eye view

  48. jrod says:

    YIPES Ive never gone skydiving

  49. Autobot says:

    Look out below.

  50. Soccer star says:

    Does this go for birds too?

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