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What’s going on in this picture? Why is that iguana wearing sunglasses? What is he thinking or saying?

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  1. Sosoocbdsb says:

    trying to be a cool man is hard…no wait i am a iguana.

  2. Broncos Fan Man says:

    HA! And they said I’d never make it to the top! STUPID SNAKES!!! HA HA!!!!!

  3. Lone Wolf says:

    Maybe that guard won’t reconise me now.

  4. turkey says:

    my way of style, also a secret spy.

  5. ??????? says:

    Yay, I’ve evolved! Well, as far as looks. But who cares!

  6. waffle man 2000 says:

    I`m going to look so cool at school

  7. Dkid360 says:

    These glasses itch.

  8. noah says:

    The cool just got cooler.

  9. RainjinmaruNinjaX says:

    who’s the wiseguy who put the sunglasses on me? i’m not a sunglasses holder. i can’t even reach to give the sunglasses off.

  10. RainjinmaruNinjaX says:

    when will my dialated eyes go back to normal???

  11. RainjinmaruNinjaX says:


  12. angrybirds says:

    I’m not just cute,I’m cool!

  13. Awesomeperson144 says:

    I’m cool like that!

  14. h-man says:

    Fun in the sun for me!

  15. manape says:

    I’ve got designer shades just to hide my face and i wear them around cause i’m cooler than justin beiber.

  16. Game wiz says:

    WHAT!?!?! i thought these were shades!?!?!

  17. thefaynster says:

    Good, I can change colors. If I could just stay green. (a bird comes by…)

  18. ultrapokemonmaster says:

    Ever since I got these sweet shades, my popularity with the ladies is going up and up.

  19. chowder says:

    if i’m getting eatan by a fox, it’s happening in style!

  20. Rabonzo says:

    Party rockers in the house tonite…

  21. dino 347 says:

    new kid ” who’s that with the cool shades?”
    neighbor ” That’s Igg Iguana the coolist guy in town.”

  22. trainman44 says:

    hey who turned off the sun.

  23. blueblaster87 says:

    Hollywood sure has changed me.

  24. Darth Vader says:

    Turn the sun off!!!!

  25. ppppeepppoolllleee says:

    Dude, who turned off the lights?!?!?

  26. wassabii says:

    watch out, Stevie Wonder!

  27. Halo Wars says:

    I’m a hot lizard in the summer!

  28. jakerman says:

    sup! yo!

  29. 8125 says:

    I’m Iguana Jones!

  30. bird says:

    yo I`m a hipster

  31. weblo EOK says:


  32. lolfailtom says:

    Be cool, man! Stop breathing my air.

  33. ghost says:

    Going to the beach.

  34. Hike,Camp,Have fun says:

    Peace Out!

  35. RedBaron23 says:

    Can someone turn down the sun!?

  36. jake says:

    I’m a sta- hey!Where’s my limo?

  37. rex221 says:

    hey look im elvis

  38. MOONMAN200 says:

    YES!!!!I’m now a celebretie!!!!!

  39. moose says:

    hey bug over here

  40. MudkipDude says:

    Who’s the cool cat in town… Oh yeah I’m a cool iguana. Dang it I’ve gotta remember that line.

  41. leo says:

    I got the look,shades,walk,talk. Now all i need is a map!

  42. timmy and the lords of the underworld says:

    Sun flasses, check , sunscreen, check

  43. Awesome says:

    Now all I need is a leather jacket!!!

  44. mothman says:

    maybe ill be in cats and iguanas…..or chameleons?

  45. Artattack says:

    If I want to fit in i got to get my looks on.

  46. DaffyDopey452 says:

    Aaah, that’s better. That sun was really starting to hurt my eyes!

  47. Pikachu88_O_O says:

    i’m so cool i soak in the sun…. well that would make me hot but… I STILL LOOK COOL! i think….

  48. awesome man says:

    This is the closest thing to a human!? When the boss said to impersonate Mr. Bond, I didn’t know I would be looking like the sky!!!!

  49. sls says:

    Hollywood! Here I come!

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