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  1. ?box says:

    thats the last time I cram banana peels in cans and leave them outside for a week!

  2. Poisoned Pedro says:

    Uhh… If I eat this, tell my mom that I love her

  3. 1 says:

    Holy alfalfa, I created artificial life in a jar of old alfalfa pudding!

  4. sas says:

    Oh, man! I was supposed to eat that

  5. heypeople,1236 says:

    Oh no!A mutated combination of pasta,eyeballs,a plant,a banana peel,and a baby octopus!This can only be the work of …Ordep!And probably a crazy hippie too…WEIRDOS!!!!!!!

  6. Yesac says:

    Dang it, must be expired.

  7. L dog says:

    Last time I’ll order from Queasy Treats pasta house!

  8. spicegirls4 says:

    Am I in sesame street?

  9. Eenom says:

    Uh,anybody wanna eat this????

  10. aman says:

    is that a person or a tree?

  11. nOMOs says:

    Darn,yall pay or yall here to heck around?!?!?!?

  12. Uranium138 says:

    I paid fifty dollars and waited a whole entire MONTH for this?!

  13. hahaha says:

    little shop little shop of horrors!

  14. byheir says:

    did that green dude said it was the best soup in the universe ?

  15. Thor says:

    What is that? Is that a squid in a pot? It looks like a plant.

  16. C.A 404 says:

    I wish this came precooked.

  17. crazyperson101 says:

    And it was 30 bucks! Market sellers these days!

  18. L3G0 B0Y says:

    Maybe that expiration dates shoud have been taken more seriously

  19. Sub-zero says:

    Okay, who put Renecrotoxins in my alfalfa? Yeah, it was probably Ordep (go figure). At least it wasn’t Derpo.

  20. BearGryllsisc00l101 says:

    good thing that Uncle wasn’t eating… Wait– you WERE?!?!?!? I’ll never eat broccoli again…

  21. ninjabite24 says:

    note to self: camping near some toxic waste can really affect my alfalfa.

  22. pseudonymn says:

    I should stop mixing up the alfala and canned vegetables

  23. Gooberguy115 says:

    Bad hair day, Yeah i get those alot

  24. tony hawk fan says:


  25. tony hawk fan says:

    alright! who is the prankster? who put alienator slime in my alfalfa soup? ordep was that you? this is the 100,000,987th time today!!!

  26. tony hawk fan says:

    will not eat that thing.

  27. golden boy says:

    Oh man, I forgot to turn my alarm off.

  28. tony hawk lover says:

    SCREAM! What is that ugly thing? Whatever that thing is it is NOT my alf……..SCREAM! that thing is GROWING! Somebody get that thing AWAY from me!

  29. call of duty MW3 says:

    Dang your weird……….no wonder it was on sale

  30. Lofty says:

    im gonna need a little more salt…

  31. i love squirrels says:

    First canned corn, now canned alien.

  32. ninja100 says:

    That is totally weird,but scary I.. I.. AAAAAAAH! It is so scary because it ha ha ha !

  33. Dude-inator says:

    “Ugh, not another alien! This is the 89th time today already!”

  34. Lego dude says:

    Aliens are invading , hide!!!!!!

  35. Bubba says:

    Ahhhhhhh What is that

  36. JD says:

    What’s with this plant it has 2 eyes on it’s head there looking at me mommy is that
    you? im scard.

  37. brotherisaboyscout says:

    Is that you mom?

  38. seen says:

    I knew it was old; but not that old! Oh; no not you mom.

  39. That Kid says:

    I knew that alfalfa was old but I never thought it would come to this.

  40. thatguyPh.D says:

    We should really see other… beings. You know, from our own planet.

  41. Knowitall says:

    Uuuuh…..I’m not eatin that.

  42. Igotbored says:

    Alright who’s the prankster

  43. 567878 says:

    Well, their goes my lunch.

  44. sugar freak says:

    I asked for green ice cream, not green aliens!

  45. girlscout says:

    Uh… can somebody please get that… THING out of here!

  46. Sosoocbdsb says:

    Alright, who put the nuclear waste in my alfalfa?!

  47. rickshaw says:

    am i where i think i am?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Pedro, I am your father

  49. Shotgun ace says:

    I asked for peas,not aliens!

  50. Dragon86 says:

    “When was the expiration date on this alfalfa?”

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