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  1. koolmary#24 says:

    i was hiking and a hobo gave me dinner in a pot.

  2. juju says:

    um hi where do you come from?

  3. epic-man says:

    Where did these tumbleweed tacos come from?

  4. Lisara says:

    “Alfalfa Alien”? I’ll pass.

  5. Johnny boy says:

    darn beans

  6. Eman says:

    Alien Spam, it even comes alive

  7. LILIPUP says:



  8. turtlemaniac says:

    Abracadabra! Now you’re a….. um, what are you?

  9. Pokeball 3000 says:

    Come on just give me a break

  10. PieEater says:

    Man, this is what I get for buying my own tuna

  11. kr says:

    do I have to eat that

  12. asterisk* says:

    Oh no! It’s an angry venusian Eye-Trap!

  13. benjamon says:

    where is pee wee harris

  14. nunyguy says:

    I knew that I shouldn’t have bought that broccoli!

  15. the BOSS says:

    hold on a second are you the guy who ate too many b..b….b..b.b…b…bananas.

  16. legowiz says:

    ok now that i haven’t seen……………but now i have seen it.

  17. Johnny boy says:

    “Mom your pet escaped, again”

  18. robo2090 says:

    Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the CAN!!!

  19. skythekidRS says:

    this is how my house is always

  20. enchilada says:

    Are you the expired peanut butter or the coleslaw.

  21. Jarod says:

    THAT’S what they put in my food? I’m never eating that again!

  22. Gio says:

    I thought these aliens would be made out of alfalfa but they aren’t! How am I going to survive without alfalfa?!!!

  23. slenderman536 says:

    hey… is that plant growing in my beans?

  24. FictionWorm says:

    I should really stay off the alfalfa shakes……

  25. Mr. Light says:

    I am at a loss for words.

  26. gmod look it up says:

    when was the expireation date on those beans?

  27. captaincaption says:

    and i thought cup of noodles had chemicals

  28. samalam says:

    I thought I ordered soup?

  29. zombie-man says:

    i’m not eat ‘n that any more!

  30. jaquizz says:

    nice prank

  31. Bob1234 says:

    I’m not eating those beans.

  32. Burton says:

    There you are mom!

  33. jj says:

    do you want green ice cream in the green crystal

  34. HARNSTROM says:

    I should have took better care of my pet caterpillar.

  35. HARNSTROM says:

    Is this the billionth time I will have to call the exterminator?

  36. skylanders giants player says:

    I guess today will be the day I die.

  37. skylanders giants player says:

    Yay! My plant finally ‘……HEY! This is not my plant!!!!! WHERE IS THE STORE OWNER!!??

  38. new guy says:

    Next time I should get my green gloop fresh

  39. V-Dog says:

    Hey why is the two eyed monster coming after me.Is the boss sending me some thing so I can eat it chomp. Thank you boss

  40. billybob joe says:

    this is the green house not the withe house! I WANT MY MONEY BACK YOU LIER!!!

  41. Venture says:

    I’m not eating that!

  42. Hunter says:

    But the guy said the weed was only mildly strong…

  43. whop10LOL says:

    Mr. Alien, I think your pet got out of his cage again!!!

  44. super munky 5 says:

    canned alien

  45. Phishayboy says:

    No wonder my costomer service rating was-15!

  46. Waves739 says:

    So THAT’S why I wasn’t supposed to get the expired green beans

  47. COOLGUY says:

    What! Now I got to call the extermanator AGAIN!!!!!

  48. Col says:

    A mutated banana?!?!

  49. himebo says:

    two eyed banana you look quite yummy today. chomp!!! man that was quite the spot. Hay what does that can say? danger poision. huuuuu bang!!!

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