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What’s going on in this picture? What is Pedro doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this comic”

  1. Awesomeness says:

    I ordered canned alfalfa not fresh green calamari!

  2. veryfunfunman6 says:

    yessh this fan mail is bonkers

  3. bobey21 says:

    dang!i was gonna eat that tumble weed taco.

  4. cheezball says:

    Okay, very funny! Give me my dandelion soup back!

  5. nonozim rules says:

    uhhh ok

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its ALIVE

  7. imagirlreally!!!!! says:

    oh my gosh it a living banana

  8. aa says:

    pedro i orderd a shot gun not this

  9. yoyoyo man sais says:

    I think my door is unlocked.

  10. super z says:

    this guy is really going green!

  11. supercar says:


  12. king dedede says:

    A mutant alfalfa milkshake… this is a first.

  13. camaro ss says:

    I’m never eating spagetti again

  14. the hiking scout says:

    whoa that cooking show for macking canned pasta was a joke right?

  15. Dude64 says:

    I`ve heard of snake in a can, but this is rediculus!

  16. Anonymous says:

    monster says hi

  17. Chessmaster 11 says:

    Maybe these new health foods aren’t as cracked up as they seem.

  18. steve1942 says:

    Note to self. never buy seeds from a man with 7 eyes.

  19. steve1942 says:

    Iknew i grabed the wrong seed pack.

  20. fakelake says:

    ahhh. a nice drink of Yikes! Alien!!!

  21. new star awesomeness says:

    and that, ladies & gentlemen is the rabbit that went in… wait!!!!!!!

  22. sith601 says:

    How much toxic waste did I give my flower???

  23. smarty123 says:

    They feed us this stuff????

  24. smarty123 says:

    They feed us this????

  25. mario says:

    So this is the new fangled tumbleweed

  26. D-reader says:

    sorry fellows lunch is closed bye

  27. mr scout says:

    is that thing watching me?!

  28. mr scout says:

    Grrrrrr, why did i not listen to them when they said:”once your home you should eat it up!” i will listen carefully.

  29. mr scout says:

    back to the store.:(

  30. mr scout says:


  31. MEEKO says:


  32. tenderfoot01 says:

    what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t order a weed ewwwww!

  33. Near says:

    I’m not sure about mom’s new health craze eerp.

  34. beardedninja6201 says:

    I’ve heard of canned food was bad, but this is ridiculous!

  35. pickle dude says:

    you and the boss would make a perfect match.

  36. rokotcars says:

    no more lunchs

  37. Gamer says:

    I didn’t know when they said ” This plant will watch you I didn’t think they would take it litteraly.

  38. Percy Jackson says:

    Wha… are you my mother in law????

  39. death robot says:

    what hapened to my blueberry soda?!!

  40. monster1 says:

    My milkshake was strawberry not green apple!

  41. pedro says:

    wow. i think he should be a plant scout.he would get the plant lovers patch.

  42. cool! says:

    April Fools Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. justin2416 says:

    sigh…….”There’s nothing to do in this world.

  44. T169 says:

    So this is what expired tumbleweed tacos look like!

  45. minminmin2 says:

    how did you get here?!

  46. hi says:

    They said they had exotic plants, but this one looks like it’ll eat me

  47. Animal spy says:

    I was gonna eat that…..

  48. Mr.Moneyman says:

    This not the tumbleweed taco I ordered…!

  49. ab713 says:

    note to self, never buy soup from a strange man ever again

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