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What’s going on in this picture? What is this dog doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. E. Huds says:

    I like to Dog Paddle!

  2. anonumis says:

    every hot dog needs to cool off

  3. daredog88 says:

    Dog: “Glad I was wearing that PFD

  4. Trainkinz says:

    Lifeguard dog: quick he is drowning!

  5. bla rules says:

    don’t worry i’ll save you

  6. thefaynster says:

    ya-hoo! I’m cumin’ to save you!

  7. jsamp42 says:

    looks like under dogs cousin just came back

  8. Percy Jackson says:

    I believe I can fly, I hope I remember how to doggy paddle.

  9. r2d2 says:

    Super dog to the rescue! Do do do doo do doo!

  10. da beast says:

    levitation powers, activate

  11. Azelf says:

    No need to fear life….Lifedog is here!

  12. superman says:

    under dog to the rescue!!!!

  13. fox says:

    you think that was a nice dive take a look at THIS!!!

  14. TheEagleScout says:

    clear the water!!

  15. DEN4 says:

    A dog lifeguard

  16. CONDORKUS says:

    No need to fear! Super Dog is here!!

  17. TechWhiz says:

    No need to fear! Waterdog is here!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is a job for SUPER DOG!

  19. 0123456789 says:

    “Look he’s drowning! Out of the way people!”

  20. dad says:

    ultimate swan dive!

  21. BAD KITTY says:

    Ahh..the art of levitation.

  22. JOEY bob says:

    is that Pedro in the water?

  23. jkl says:

    i can fly

  24. unbear scout is unbear says:

    good idea. fish for lunch.

  25. Mr.scout says:

    First cats now cat fish?! This is dog paradise!

  26. mimikala says:

    I can walk on wat-SPLASH!!!!!!

  27. brickbuildermaster says:

    “yummy feet’wait a muinet were’s the shoes?”

  28. legolover says:

    “Don’t worry I’ll save you from the evil pool!”

  29. avonte says:


  30. madcat897 says:

    And i thought chewing bones were fun……….

  31. mama joke says:

    here boy go get the foot

  32. ilovedogs30 says:

    Don’t worry! SUPERDOG IS HERE!!!

  33. Dominic says:

    Kid: Jump in after me!
    Dog: OK.
    (kid pops out of water) Kid: GO!!!!!!!!!

  34. GRAVITY says:

    I thin khes trying to be the next aquadog or underdog

  35. Wolverine Dude says:


  36. Broncos Fan Man says:

    I believe I can fly….

  37. Troop1995 isawesome says:

    Give me back my bone

  38. Hendrlan says:

    You know what they say, monkey see, monkey do!

  39. Ttt says:

    A sea monster! I’ll save him!

  40. Squaks says:

    Doggy man to the rescue!!

  41. fred figgle face2 says:

    one for the money two for the bark three to get and that triple decker doggy biscut and my owner said he was going to take away my bark box 9000

  42. Skywalkerjack says:

    Now to de-feet him

  43. jul dude says:

    Is that a cats paw?

  44. jason0115 says:

    THIS IS FOR MY RESCUE BADGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. PrivateNT says:

    No Mommy! Come back to me. Don’t leave me!!

  46. DJ53119 says:

    You jumped in again, SIGH, here we go again.

  47. tearfulrocky says:

    I want to swim with you!

  48. cool1231 says:

    i can fly wait never mine oh no

  49. Dawg says:

    Doggie Lifeguard!

  50. coolman13 says:

    one giant leap for dog one big splash for man kind!

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