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What’s going on in this picture? What is this raccoon doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. minecraftfreak says:

    So THAT`S where my baby’s went!

  2. da man says:

    finally now to rest in peace

  3. Juice says:

    Can’t …. Reach …. Bag!

  4. birdbomb says:

    Yikes! Wait a second…
    What am I running from?

  5. r.j. says:

    dont touch me

  6. lilmike says:

    After I eat their lunch I’m going to help them learn how to tie knots.

  7. Thoran says:

    Great I’ve been caught

  8. someone says:

    This doesn’t feel like a hammock /:

  9. MinecraftMiner99 says:

    DON’T ACCUSE! I’m just making sure you all have your toothpaste.

  10. spicegirls4 says:

    I wish I had longer arms. Grrrrrrrr.

  11. julianabanana123 says:

    What’s up with you? I am just hanging around.

  12. dude55 says:

    what bag i dont see a bag!

  13. bill says:

    hey why’d you pause the movie?

  14. crazyguy says:

    well well well i will get you

  15. mather says:

    Which one to choose… you know what? I think I’ll sleep on it

  16. Nate says:

    Mission plan status:fail

  17. classified says:

    I should have gone to knot school

  18. pizzaisepic says:

    you forgot to take out the trash

  19. 2cool4Uman says:

    Hey, can I help out with the laundry? Please!

  20. akaHarryPotter says:

    Hmmmm….. I wonder why they call this a bear bag. It fits me just fine. :)

  21. lolo says:

    oh thats where the scout masters cake went

  22. Jimbob says:

    (Drive thru voice) now proceed to the second plank

  23. Anonymous says:

    Come on . Stop making noise, I am sleepy.

  24. minecraft/gangnam says:

    just hang in out…guys?

  25. lego scout says:

    someone throw up a chesse burger

  26. awesome says:

    turn that light off i’m sleeping

  27. legoking125 says:

    I got up here… now how do I get down??

  28. Q007 says:

    “See that red bag?” Hehehehehe “It is mine.”

  29. ploopy says:

    Hmmmm…… HEY! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ! now back to finding my dinner.

  30. tony hawk fan says:


  31. turky boy says:

    the thankgiving meal was amazing …I going to sleep to december, I hear the goose is to die for.

  32. t-bone says:

    spider racoon to the rescue!…um, a little help here

  33. Littleguy44 says:

    About that dinner…

  34. legodude1010101 says:

    look out below, i’m gonna hurl!!!

  35. bob says:

    ooh! cheese…

  36. katz says:

    food is tiring

  37. whgard says:

    Is this spot taken?

  38. TheCheeseMonster says:

    I just have to wait two more hours for them to leave… Then I call in the troops.

  39. Nascar2012 says:

    Maybe my sock is in that red bag.

  40. Enzo says:

    Too bad they don’t hang RACCOON BAGS!

  41. Trololo says:

    Hey! I’m trying yo sleep here!

  42. BOB says:

    This is the life!!!!!

  43. awsomness says:

    just a little bit farther!

  44. why do i even bother findin a nickname says:

    yes i found dinner, now how do i get down ??????

  45. Anonymous says:

    ” yes i found dinner, now how do i get down ??

  46. Anonymous says:

    what? i’m just taking a time-out!

  47. Nate says:

    If they are going to give me my dinner, at least hang it where I can reach it!

  48. Robobobo says:

    Why did I eat so much garbage, I can’t get up uhhhh.

  49. da rob-o says:

    “Hey guys, how’s it hanging?”

  50. videogamer says:

    Just a little closer to get the loot. Ahh! The cops!

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