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What’s going on in this picture? What is this raccoon doing and what is he thinking?

If you can think of a funny caption for this photo, just post it in the comment form at the bottom of this page. After we approve it, your funny caption will be on this page for everyone to read.

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  1. Roxrocks says:

    Ok, so maybe I’m not a ninja after all…….

  2. pyro says:

    I shouldn’t have eaten that last smore

  3. a guy says:

    some day I’ll be in a history book… but it’s not today.

  4. Killer says:

    Just checking on the food…guys

  5. SFM says:

    Woah! How in the world did I wake up here?!?

  6. Cub Dad says:

    And they dropped me from the film . . . I’ll show you Ace Ventura

  7. Cddkgygdyyy says:

    Yawn!!! This isn’t comfy at all!!!

  8. J-Man says:

    It was him who did it who was trying to untie these bags!!!

  9. flamefrost999 says:

    Do Not Disturb Sleeping Raccoon! Its Sleeping!

  10. redftgyhujik digger says:

    Oh, please don’t make me do the laundry again! i promise i won’t steal out of your trash again…….um, I’ll be your best friend!

  11. coon12 says:

    Um….. Im a statue?

  12. AJ says:

    Ran into a pricker bush, snuck past the Boy Scouts, climbed the post to get the food, now im just to lazy to open the food bags

  13. beezoo says:

    all this crawling around makes me tired

  14. jj77 says:

    Hey! I have a right to think I’m a sloth!

  15. notagirltrustme says:

    i’m not taking your bags i’m just um…hanging out.

  16. notagirltrustme says:

    i’m not undoing these bags i’m just um … hanging ou.

  17. KittyHawkAviator says:

    Think pink!

  18. Gangnamstyle456 says:


  19. Harry potter says:

    “Wingardium leviosa”

  20. Long live coons says:

    Hey! A didn’t do anything!

  21. Long live coons says:

    Hey! A little help here! I ate to much…

  22. Gandalf the Grey says:

    So now I wait for the human to take the food down. Then I jump on his head grab the bag and scamper away.

  23. StarwarsDude4000 says:

    Uh guys…. Do’nt leave me hanging!!

  24. dash says:

    is there any food in the bags???

  25. cxmarine says:

    Why these pinatas are the ugliest things i have ever seen but they are awfully tasty!

  26. Dayqpi says:

    Why… Is… It… So… PIIINNNKKK!!!!

  27. Trouble says:

    Um… Ah.. I’m too lazy to write a caption for my photo…. zzz..

  28. G man says:

    “Trash?I thought it was Landry!”

  29. Herobrine says:

    Just a little farther……

  30. Anonymous says:

    snore. gaaaaaaaa. what was that for!

  31. Redskins says:

    Where is the beef

  32. rayray says:

    you got me

  33. ESPLOSION!!!!!!!! says:

    um…. how do I get down?….guys?

  34. nickster says:

    today I don’t feel like doing anything

  35. monkeyman says:

    I’m gunna die. Any second now. I souldn’t have eaten that frog.

  36. Wecky says:

    Ahhhhhhh, this is the life. Hey, wad ya lookin’ at? Did you just take a picture of me?

  37. ?box says:

    Clothes! I thought it was food!

  38. facekat says:

    remember i was never here

  39. facekat says:

    think invisible.

  40. Anonymous says:

    why are you guys looking at like that?

  41. Raccons says:

    Can someone call the firefighters?

  42. sf says:

    I’m just gonna take a little …ZZZZZZ

  43. Jake [NLR] says:

    How did I get up here?

  44. blabla says:

    They named these wrong. they should be RACCOON SACKS!

  45. Webelo13 says:

    I wasn’t stealing this food or anything

  46. Carpathianddd says:

    A little help here

  47. racoondabomb says:

    Now is it right over left or left over right?

  48. stickboy69 says:

    I shouldn’t have eaten those leftovers.

  49. EpicFriskers999 says:

    Stealth mode activated.

  50. minecraftninja says:

    Dont wake me up.I got to make breakfast tommorrow

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