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What’s going on in this picture? What is this raccoon doing and what is he thinking?

If you can think of a funny caption for this photo, just post it in the comment form at the bottom of this page. After we approve it, your funny caption will be on this page for everyone to read.

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. PythonCobra says:


  2. Anonymous says:


  3. 341 says:

    I know how you get up…but how do you get back down?1

  4. sky budder says:

    just chillin

  5. rock and roll slam bam says:

    uggh! why did you feed me those worms?! I’m allergic to worms! They also make me gassy and sleepy!

  6. Bob says:

    Hey,Hey,woo woo woo woo woo. I just came out of the pool and i am dryin’. o back AWAY!!!!!

  7. BossofMonkeys says:

    Im just hangin

  8. TheEpicOne says:

    Uhhhhh…… I’m just trying to take a nap?

  9. Brotato says:

    Ugh not again

  10. manlydipper says:

    where do you suggest I sleep?!?

  11. cooldude says:

    Too… much…pizza…

  12. weegee says:

    onoez, im not a opossum!!

  13. B says:

    I’m just hanging around

  14. tooth less says:

    I’m just a big cat sitting on this pole trying to go to sleep. Now just leave me alone!!!!!! Good night to you sir.

  15. mario says:

    Mom look what I can do!

  16. mario says:

    Hay mom look at me!

  17. mario says:

    Looks like raccoon on a stick!

  18. Quinn says:

    Ahh! This is the life

  19. cpd says:

    you don’t see me you don’t see me

  20. ike says:

    im just hanging around my babys

  21. lando520 says:

    Mmmmmm… That was some Chinese food!

  22. fungi says:

    You’ll never catch me alive coppers!

  23. the foot of tender says:

    I’m not stealing your trash! I’m um….giving you trash! Cuz I’m santa claus! ho ho ho!

  24. skythekidRS says:

    i LOVE the jambree

  25. skythekidRS says:

    hi i have bin hanging around all day see all of me is tan except for the part i put my sun glasses

  26. Soren F. says:

    Just Hanging my laundry ! in a bag…..

  27. Hi! my name is ??? says:

    no not trying to steal food no…trying to borrow food to eat…then I will give it back…ok?

  28. Dill says:

    It shouldn’t be that hard to get garbage

  29. bubba says:

    This is where Santa puts his bag.

  30. epicman says:

    why is there no trash up here humans put them everywhere

  31. Shard says:

    Um…maybe trying to reach that bag was a bad idea after all.

  32. dingo says:

    hey who said I can’t steal a nap now move it!

  33. Ricky Racoon says:

    If only I had longer arms…

  34. mr. cool says:

    “uh-huh that’s what I’m thinking, but what are YOU thinking”

  35. mr. cool says:

    what are YOU staring at?

  36. hello my name is says:

    Now what!?!

  37. me says:

    im stuck

  38. spider pig says:

    Sup?! Just hanging around.

  39. ninjamen447 says:

    maybe if i put some clothes on from this gym bag they won’t notice me getting some trash.

  40. Juice says:

    Almost there…. One more step….

  41. BSA Boss says:

    Must hide the stolen jewles before the cops find me!!!

  42. Johnny boy says:

    ” Mom five more Minutes please”

  43. darkmind2 says:

    the neighbors found out a trick of mine

  44. Poodlelover64 says:

    I need to dry to . So do you have any clothes pins?

  45. Crash says:

    ….. and that’s how I got stuck up here, not trying to steal your food! He he yeah that’s it!

  46. starwars46903 says:


  47. GBODoom says:

    Uh, …who, me?….Food?….no, no, no…I was just taking a nap on this comfy wooden bed!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I had a party

  49. hello there says:

    Secret Agent Racoon!!!

  50. annoying orange says:

    Uhhh… do you mind? I’m trying to hibernate on this, cozy, wooden, stick!

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