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What’s going on in this picture? What is this hermit crab doing and what is he thinking?

If you can think of a funny caption for this photo, just post it in the comment form at the bottom of this page. After we approve it, your funny caption will be on this page for everyone to read.

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay. This. Is. The. Biggest. Tree. I. Have. Ever. Seen.

  2. wow1234567890 says:

    hey!the stairway to heaven

  3. 576£ says:

    Whoa…that CAN’T be right!

  4. billy bob joe says:

    nom nom nom.

  5. chowder says:

    my love…….. why wont you talk to me?!?!? WHY?!?!

  6. JABBAtheHUTT says:

    Wha? Okay, this is weird. I ordered beef with celery, not celery with no beef!

  7. Scouting123 says:

    Come and fight me now Fred!!!!!!!

  8. firestorm44 says:

    i lovish this stuff,what’s it called?

  9. FutureEagleScout says:

    Yes! I won that contest for the year supply of food!

  10. he says:

    This is perfect eating. Now all i need is a table.

  11. mack says:

    hey!!!hey!!! Geoffrey look what i found

  12. tony hawk fan says:

    OM NOM OM NOM. ( the crab is eating it.)

  13. mertoid2.0 says:

    My precious!!

  14. paco el taco says:

    im on a diet

  15. cosmo111 says:

    hermit crab gone nuts

  16. Noobly123 says:

    Hey those are my veggies!

  17. jayZX says:

    not my food do you want it?

  18. i love squirrels says:

    Squirrel, come down little squirrel, will you be my friend. There is room in my shell.
    Come here. I need squirrel bait.

  19. Bob says:

    Do you see the giant celery too?

  20. C-4 says:

    I asked for a beach and a palm tree but all I got was a tank & a celery stick!

  21. BB says:


  22. dardrey1110000 says:

    im a vegaterian

  23. tholar2005 says:

    i hate being a rabbit

  24. tasty says:

    mmmmmmmmm… tastes like chicken

  25. pinewood derby says:

    Hey, mom, a diving board

  26. moocow says:

    to the top away!!

  27. Acefly2000 says:

    “Your picture on the internet made you look shorter”

  28. clara says:

    what is this!

  29. princess says:

    i need a little help down here!!!!!!!!

  30. 567878 says:

    Wow, today I got a tree for dinner!

  31. Maximillian says:

    I know mum told me to eat my greens but now I think she’s going a little overboard!

  32. --lol-- says:

    That’s… one… small… nibble… for… crab… one… giant… bite…

  33. blabladude123 says:

    I didn’t know Mt. Everest was green!?

  34. asbob says:


  35. smelly jelly10 says:

    WooHoo!!!! a way out!

  36. Maximillion says:

    I know Mom told me to eat my greens but now I think she’s going a little overboard!

  37. girlscout says:

    What am I doing? I’m dragging this tree to my cave so I can turn it into bits!

  38. superspyro says:

    meh,i like other things. too crunchy.

  39. girlscout says:

    Oh. I, uh, found this seaweed, and, uh… May I eat it?

  40. pawn says:


  41. sandy says:

    I better chop this beanstalk down before the giant comes.

  42. A.C.T. 1 says:

    “Anything but seafood, anything but seafood.”

  43. MormonBoy says:

    Crab: Just one more chop.. *crack* TIMBER!!

  44. snowy says:

    mmmmmmmmm, shellery

  45. grossboy says:

    i said a seaweed diet! not a salad!

  46. z0mbie_of_sc says:

    Nom Nom

  47. matt says:

    big mama!

  48. fire722 says:

    I want my mommy.

  49. fire722 says:

    Where’s the tv

  50. Falcon Punch says:

    What do my owners think I am, a rabbit?

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