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What’s going on in this picture? What is this lizard doing and what is he thinking?

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  1. packmama says:

    So I was on a hike in the desert and all of a sudden I stepped in a huge pile of shoe!

  2. 10266 says:

    If the shoe doesn’t fit… take a nap in it!

  3. Giecocommercials says:

    Can Gieco really save you 15% or more on footwear?.. Does the shoe NOT fit?…

  4. thepedro says:

    Houston we have a problem

  5. drdanjackson says:

    Can Gieco really save you 15% or more on footwear.. Does the shoe NOT fit?

  6. istilldontknow says:

    To infinity and beyond!(If I can learn how to fly this thing.)

  7. istilldontknow says:

    Talk about a paranoramic view!

  8. istilldontknow says:

    Hey, I can see the ocean from here!

  9. istilldontknow says:

    I really need a tempurpedic materess.

  10. istilldontknow says:

    I need a couch in here.

  11. istilldontknow says:

    I think I should switch to Allstate.

  12. istilldontknow says:

    GEICO, fifteen-sized shoe can save you up to fifteen dollars on home insurance.

  13. istilldontknow says:

    It’s nice and cozy plus it smells like stinking feet.

  14. istilldontknow says:

    I like the view!

  15. Joeyjonjon says:

    I told you to get a small!

  16. AlexC234 says:

    One size fits all… Well, most of the time.

  17. Toad says:

    Yeah, Mom. They fit!

  18. Mr. Bill says:

    It is so hard to fill a Boy Scouts shoes.

  19. Bob'sUnkle says:

    I usually go with crocs.

  20. Sarge says:

    This shoe doesn’t cover much!

  21. dilybar7 says:

    mom i told you they dont have shoes my size!!!!!!!!!!

  22. creeper killer says:

    Do you got size 0.001? I think size 7 is a little too big.

  23. truckmoney2 says:

    its going to take a bigger lizard than me to fill this shoe. that will teach me not to upsize on everything.

  24. AllSaintsEagle says:

    This lizard clearly didn’t get the memo about the BSA policy against open-toed shoes…

  25. joe says:

    finaly in a race car at last

  26. saluter24 says:

    The next item up for auction is this lovely outdoorsy shoe worn only once and lost during a camping trip when the wearer fell out of his fast moving raft while racing down the rapids….so….what do I hear for a bid today? Anyone? Anyone? Going once?……

  27. Nicko says:

    If the shoe fits, wear it!

  28. Nicko says:

    I have just encountered Big Foot!

  29. Nicko says:

    Could get a little squishy in here!

  30. CC says:

    Gecko Fit In…

  31. Chuck says:

    I need four of these in a size of xxxxxxsmall size, and some Oder eaters.

  32. GM3 says:

    Oh-no!, someone changed Luke into a lizard.

  33. SM Mark says:

    I don’t want it, you can have it, it’s too big for me!

  34. OWL says:

    I know I’m out meeting the people, but I think Geico sent me the wrong promotion package.

  35. dadtorex says:

    Rex was right… these ARE comfy!

  36. ... says:

    LET’S DRIVE!!!

  37. jalec2000 says:

    spend a day in my shoes

  38. bwagon says:

    I have heard that if shoe fits wear it. NOW WHAT DO I DO!!!!!

  39. Dude8 says:

    Now just if I knew how to fly this thing

  40. Ronmf says:

    Houston, we have a problem…

  41. awesomesauce999 says:

    does this shoe make me look small

  42. Bear 183 says:

    Okay who ordered me an extra large shoe?

  43. bob199 says:

    can someone give me a lift?

  44. jellybean says:

    i have a snake in my boot oops never mind i have a lizard in my sandel

  45. 256 webeloes j.fish says:

    i hope i become an aligator

  46. oracle man Jf says:

    is it just me, or does it seem that the world got larger.or is this my grandma’s shoe because it smells like old lady feet.

  47. Fred the Timber wolf says:

    Hmm… I hope it tastes better than it smells… for the dog’s sake…

  48. monkey the dire wolf says:

    This is when I’m desperate for shade… IT STINKS IN HERE!!!!!!!

  49. Toros says:

    Do you have these in a size .1 ?

  50. telmon says:

    I need a size 1 not 100!

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