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What’s going on in this picture? What is this lizard doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Nacho says:

    Yo guys! I found an awesome shoe! It fits us all!!

  2. Nacho says:

    Hey teacher! You were right! This is a specimen of , SHOEUS STINKIUS!

  3. Legend of zelda freek!!! says:

    how do you use this ??????

  4. Waves739 says:

    About 6 times my normal shoe size but I’ll take it!

  5. Swagg says:

    This is my size

  6. hahaha... thats not funny says:

    hey, that’s my sandal, give it back!!!

  7. Sirlaugha-lot says:

    So uh… this isn’t lizard skinned right?

  8. notagirltrustme says:

    they said i could be anything so i became a shoe

  9. tele says:

    Do you have anything in a smaller size?

  10. cookiemonster1 says:

    look out lizardboy! its footman!

  11. Alltosoon says:

    Um… Can I have a size smaller…this one is to um uh big?

  12. Power Cub says:

    This lizard is walking around!

  13. 000 says:

    i knew i needed to get a smaller size

  14. drago says:

    its fine i’ll grow into it

  15. bobisnotslob2 says:

    ahhhhhhh i’m a lizard. what happened to the TARDIS!

  16. monkeyman says:

    One size fits all!

  17. I'm the boss says:

    Can I try a few sizes smaller? Maybe a 2?

  18. black says:

    this spaceship stinks.

  19. junk spy says:

    spy lizard mission:stinky smells

  20. funnybone147 says:

    i think i left my blankie in the other pair!

  21. girlscout says:

    Hey, salesclerk, I think this one is fifteen sizes too big!

  22. tammy says:

    oh no i am a lizard

  23. phidips says:

    Its fine I hated the shoe store anyway

  24. Leapin Lizards says:

    This shoe is RESERVED

  25. baseballrocks51 says:

    I think its a teeny bit big on me

  26. Juice says:

    I think I need a smaller shoe size….

  27. Anonymous says:

    so…. how do you like the new place???

  28. IceWolf17 says:

    his name shall be shoey and shoey shall be mine

  29. pocketknife1 says:

    I wish my foot could fit in this.

  30. spicegirls4 says:

    This smells weird.

  31. bigbossman says:

    I was trying this out for a Geico commercial.

  32. DracoJustice987 says:

    Mom, can we go back to Sears? We got the wrong size.

  33. LegoMan says:

    Does anyone know the store’s return policy? I think this sandal is a few sizes too big.

  34. puzzlemasterhp says:

    Is it just me,or was this a bad bet that will lead me to certain doom? Im going with the first o…… AHHHHHHH! FOOT!

  35. LUIGIROCKS!!!455 says:

    If you even think about wearing this you will enter a world of PAIN!!!!!!! So speaks the lizard. HI-YAH!

  36. Luigi11030 says:

    When the shoes ATTACK!!!

  37. helmet pig says:

    Just a minute i need to get my shoes on

  38. XD says:

    just a little too big

  39. Spock says:

    Now how does those Humans operate cars? This device looks like the same setup.

  40. hahaha says:

    not quit big enough!

  41. coolman360 says:

    when zappos means large they mean huge!!

  42. Loopy1330 says:

    Gieco, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on sneaker insurence.

  43. wiiu fan says:

    Sheesh!I hope no one goes anywhere for a while.

  44. mr.snail 99 says:

    I’m a size 333.I hate shoe delivery men and my new house

  45. Venkman says:

    Come on! They messed up my shoe size again!

  46. haha dude says:

    if it rains, snows, hails or any thing else i will be one unhappy liserd

  47. Ca$hman 06 says:

    I have alwaws wanted to go camping!

  48. Dr funtimes says:

    finaly somwhere whare i can sleep without getting crushed. wait is this a sandel? o now this can’t be happing!!!!!!!!!

  49. bob says:

    who wants to sniff my blanket

  50. C.A 404 says:

    No I wanted my size in negative not positive size.

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