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  1. Aosc2 says:

    Just when you thought it was safe to back in the leaves…

  2. Webelo13 says:


  3. jaydav says:

    Leaf Me Alone!!

  4. legohead says:

    Shhh… Don`t tell anybody I`m in here!

  5. jojo528012 says:

    Help! I’m DROWNING!!!!

  6. took102 says:

    I thought this was a ball pit!

  7. skywalkervader says:

    Now all I have to do is wait for my little sister to come by.

  8. awesomeness says:


  9. theguyofdoom says:


  10. bear scout4you says:

    wow it’s surprisingly comfy.I could leaf here

  11. Pack237 says:

    Can you help me im so leafy.

  12. bob says:

    help get me out here!

  13. Wildboy says:

    Help! Help! I am drowning in leaves.

  14. angel says:

    leaf me alone

  15. tenderfoot212 says:

    can you see me? NO! you can’t!

  16. captian america is boss says:

    just call me rip van winkel.

  17. Fooly Weekums says:

    Day 4: The leaves still think i am one of them

  18. the bomb says:

    there’s a camera in these leaves

  19. randomhead says:

    I had no idea how deep this stupid leaf pile was!!!!!!

  20. Ghost Chicken says:

    Any second now my dad will rake the last leaf…

  21. goldencreeper says:

    i hope this disguise works

  22. viva cristo rey says:

    Please!!! Leaf me alone!

  23. Tommy says:

    Dad rake me out of here!!

  24. treefrog says:

    Good idea to use camouflage when playing hide and go seek, nosbody can see you!!!!

  25. sas says:

    Here’s where my hamster went! Wait GET ME OUT OF HERE!

  26. monkeylover says:

    Help! I’ve been leafnapped,I fell in the leaf hole. I’ve been leafnapped! Hurry bring a rake. Your finally here now, just keep raking, just keep raking.

    He’s thinking about when his rotton brother did the same thing he did, and he’s laughing at that hilarious memory.

  27. R2-D2500 says:

    YOU CAN’T FIND ME!!!!!!!

  28. vlucas says:

    If you dont pass the test YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!

  29. Mr.Bean says:

    oh no its poison ivy help!!!!!!!

  30. slasher O'shay says:

    He’ll never find me here, so I’ll never have to rake.

  31. nictaf says:

    Did I use enough camouflage?

  32. squirle says:

    fall really came fast.

  33. Anonymous says:

    i’m leaf anderson!

  34. beware says:

    he was obviusly behind one of those cardboard things that they have at circuses

  35. nic12 says:

    I think I won hide-n-seek..

  36. matt-o-rama says:

    watch out! Somthing is in that pile!

  37. Antibrine says:

    daddy, there is a kid growing in our garden!

  38. GOIN 'FOR EAGLE says:

    Oh look, I found a penny!

  39. Saxman66 says:

    Despite his longing desires to be a part of the group, Tom was always different than the others.

  40. CUB SCOT3 says:

    Hay mom i glued leavs on me

  41. Gnat1 says:

    Thats the last time we rake leaves into a pile…

  42. m.ali says:

    Drowning in Leaves!!

  43. Slayer1 says:

    The poor boys not the sharpest tool in the box he was asked to play with his sister and take the trash. So he natrualy took his sister out and played with the leaves lol

  44. To mama says:

    I’m a hobo and I know it!

  45. that thing in the toilet says:

    All right, who put me here while I was sleeping?

  46. Cowcow says:

    I’ll sleep here tonight. What do you mean there are snakes?

  47. JJ11 says:

    WOW, was I asleep that long?

  48. Snoopydwag says:

    Come on in guys, the leaves are fine!

  49. coolguy19755 says:

    I’m being eaten!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Second class! says:

    “Hey, Mom! I found my pet Caterpillar!”

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