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  1. Noble6 says:

    Three months ago, I was just an acorn!

  2. Spartan2987 says:

    Leaf me alone, I’m hiding!

  3. plophop78 says:

    Leaf me alone. I’m trying to sleep.

  4. loggerhead says:

    She said she would let me out…

  5. greasy pig says:

    Hey guys I found a way up!

  6. Cub Dad says:

    This was the wrong location for a staring contest

  7. rockhound11 says:

    next best thing to a blanket.

  8. watcher says:

    help!!!!!!! my worst nightmare being eaten by a leaf pile.

  9. GR8 Nate says:

    “Daddy, is there a football game tonight?

  10. Chazzscout says:

    My homemade leaf picture frame

  11. asthguard says:

    This was the perfect place to build my secret fort!

  12. Axelpaxel says:

    Hahaha. Secretly I am TERRIFFIED!!!!!!

  13. money55 says:

    leave the leaves be

  14. lukipe says:

    Has anyone seen my leg?

  15. Pouil says:

    Hey yo! I’m a leafhead!

  16. AL103939 says:

    Oh my, I’m sinking help me, help me!!!

  17. Manman says:

    The attack of the leaves!!!!!!!

  18. pianomaster123 says:

    They will NEVER know I’m here

  19. Laker says:

    Help, I’m being eaten by a bunch of leaves!

  20. Patman says:

    OH NO… THE RAKE!!!!!!!

  21. awsome girl says:


  22. COOkie monster9 says:

    down! periscope! dive! dive!

  23. PB&JHEAD says:

    Leapin’ Lizards! I’m being eaten alive by a tree!

  24. no time guy says:

    what is this it is quick sand quick sand! QUICK SAND RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

  25. gamer1o1 says:

    I have been stuck in here for weeks and I keep calling for help but people think there crazy.

  26. gamer 1o1 says:

    I am the hide and seek master

  27. fall says:

    Maybe if I hide here…..I won’t have to eat my broccoli…..

  28. Stryker says:

    I hope my mom can’t find me in here so I don’t have to do my homework!

  29. 68cardude says:

    I hate it when mom and dad make me rake the mutant leaves.

  30. 68cardude says:

    I really wish I hadn’t bathed in superglue!

  31. cool says:

    I love leaves. so I buried myself in leaves

  32. The Man from the 'Burgh says:

    Help ! There is a hidden quicksand trap under these leaves!

  33. radBAD says:

    Finally, someone noticed me. I’ve been in here for a week eating my way out of these leaves! Man, vegan’s have it rough!

  34. Pen Name says:


  35. Dayqpi says:

    Well, the fun police caught me and put me in a leaf jail… so… Hi guys!

  36. Commishmom says:

    This is not the droid you wer looking for.

  37. 68cardude says:

    Son,where are you?

  38. 68cardude says:


  39. EPIC5079 says:

    Well Mom , you see i was rakeing the yard and…

  40. trevosaurus14 says:

    Ahhhh!!!! The leaf monster is attacking me!!!!!!

  41. 000 says:

    This is the best hiding spot ever

  42. ev says:

    Wow! I found an ancient tunnel!

  43. Captionman says:

    Best hide and seek spot ever they will never find me

  44. G man says:

    Help I’m drowning!!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    The leaves have eaten me. Help!

  46. joseff says:

    this is winter not fall so get out.

  47. awesome says:

    hee hee hee… NO ONE WILL EVER FIND ME NOW!!!!!!! oops!

  48. like me says:

    Now my friends will never find me, not until they rake the leaves that is!

  49. me myself and I says:

    We have found it! The leaf pile of eternal youth!

  50. monkeyman55 says:

    my mom cant know im in here becous ive got her special plate with me

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