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What’s going on in this picture? What is this squirrel doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Pinewood says:

    La la la… just enjoying some breakfast, and… Hey! That camera had better not be on!

  2. potata says:

    where did you get this stuff, IT ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. portalfan says:

    Something is getting a little… FISH-AY FISH-AY with my Fish McBites…

  4. bacondude says:

    They ran out of jelly…… what else am I going to use??

  5. cow123 says:

    YES!!! Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. marco polo says:

    And now, ladies and gentle-squirrels, prepare to be amazed, as I pull an acorn out of my hat. Aberacadabera! And now watch as I eat the acorn– I mean, make the acorn disappear! I simply put it back in the hat and *chompchompchomp*; (with mouthful) Aberacadabera, its gone!

  7. stealth hockey says:

    tea tastes best in a butter container

  8. stealth hockey says:

    portable toilet. awesome!

  9. 76 kn , says:

    what is this? shugar

  10. stealth hockey says:

    man!they don’t make cheese like they used to.

  11. FordH says:

    Finally! A hat my size!

  12. john paul says:

    i promise, it’s my, last cup of coffee, then It’s over

  13. The Quartermaster says:

    Caffine makes me nuts

  14. Tsaur says:

    Now I just need some coffee.

  15. Arynn says:

    I wonder why the humans would leave this wonderful food lying on the ground.

  16. Wizard of oz says:

    I love acorns with kechup

  17. LEGOSLEGOSLEGOS5678 says:


  18. pokebro says:

    Mmm..Hazelnut. Don’t judge me!

  19. coffee77 says:

    what is this nut

  20. Nick111 says:

    Gotta love your breakfast

  21. Logic Lover says:

    This isn’t chlorine wipes, is it?

  22. BooShyGuy123 says:

    This is better than nothing!

  23. Plushkid5871 says:

    I guess the early bird does get the worm : [

  24. The Destroyer!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Hmmmmm……….. Penut Butter? Or Some Soy Sauce????????

  25. marineaddict10 says:

    ahhhh. Hey what are looking at me for!

  26. yum says:


  27. deedledee says:

    What you got a problem with me!?

  28. uuuuuuuuuu... says:

    I can handle coffee i dont go crazy at all hey was my fur always brown, wow look at that bird,hey! thers a person, WOW! a car haha you cant get me,haha you cant get me, you cant ge…

  29. crazy person says:

    And they think IM nuts

  30. crazylucario007 says:

    If this is not a nut, believe me, everyone will get rabbies.

  31. Zman988 says:

    What? They ran out of graham crackers.

  32. Awesome says:

    Is this a foragein nut?

  33. smartypants5087 says:

    It’s nice to have a barf bag when you need one!

  34. smartypants says:

    I love posing for cofee commercials!

  35. weblo you up says:


  36. Peanutcjb says:

    High tea with the queen!(that’s what I see)

  37. Elitetrooper129 says:

    Mmm. Breakfast just the way I like it.

  38. kungfujd78 says:

    is this nuts or am i just nutty

  39. BornFree says:

    Is this a genetically engineered nut?

  40. bpokemon2827489 says:

    king king are u awake or are just a reguler mashmallow

  41. Akela66 says:

    Hold the blue cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Scout98 says:

    Great. Another meal rewind by this falling liquid. Wait this isn’t peanut butter.

  43. pedro fan 29 says:

    Smells like peanut butter.

  44. frans says:

    needs fries

  45. Legoking says:

    I hope this was butter substitute, cause that’s the only stuff I’ll eat.

  46. awesomedude12 says:

    mmm sweet mocha hmm why does it taste so weird

  47. Hunty says:

    This is not a nut, It’s plastic!

  48. cupcake says:

    ahh!A nice coffee

  49. DEMAN900 says:

    Whoa! This stuff is way better than acorns.

  50. kman54321 says:

    What is this stuff,butter or ranch:)

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