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What’s going on in this picture? What is this squirrel doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. catmanc says:

    this sour cream tastes like butter

  2. scout9000 says:

    Can someone help me get my head out of here! ……… Never mind. It’s not so bad in here.YUM!

  3. Gazebo says:

    Actually, this is nothing…just wait until those campers see what’s been happening with their bag of marshmallows!

  4. nate says:

    mmm super good!!!

  5. scoutman816 says:

    butter…. i hope the scouts leave some pancakes and syrup out.

  6. thebombisrighthere says:

    If only I had some chicken MC-bites to go with this ranch………….

  7. stormboom says:

    oh, i thought this was a nut, or did i … ah! a dog!

  8. ?Mysterio? says:

    I would love some biscuits with this tea… (sigh)…

  9. bob says:

    tastes funny

  10. BlackOps2Boss says:

    Darn it, who the heck stole my “Nutter Butter’s” again?!!?

  11. dog digger says:

    don’t bother me. I have to eat for hibernation!

  12. moomoo63 says:

    I like butter on my aicors

  13. Funnyguy says:

    The humans will never know that i took one of their precious marshmallows…

  14. Tommy Man4 says:

    Who cares about pancakes. I only want the BUTTER!

  15. Backbiter says:

    I get cranky without my cup of joe.

  16. tita says:

    I wish I has some french fries to go with this ketchup.

  17. 1213 says:

    Hold on, yep its… BUTTER!!!

  18. AirWolf says:

    Now if only I had some acorns….LOL

  19. MR.AWSOME says:

    I’m out of cream already

  20. KHIEM says:


  21. new scout 655 says:

    Hey Chipmunk! I asked for decaf!

  22. James Bond says:

    Mmm.. tasty, but the filling on the inside could have been better! No one on Earth will take this from me!

  23. traxxas500 says:

    Oh, man i thought it was peanut butter.

  24. meepyoma says:

    OOH wheres the cofee!

  25. The Bo$$ says:

    Mom, We’re out of butter again!

  26. pi3.1415 says:

    Iwonder…..no,no,mabye…uuugh, I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. BSA Boss says:

    Me like McDonalds BBQ sauce!

  28. new guy says:


  29. master luke says:

    Mind your own business!

  30. Kick yo face says:

    MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!

  31. cheese thrower says:

    OH NO I got butter all over my pants!

  32. joey jj says:

    now this is proof on how Camping Maxx has canisters for everyone!

  33. Candle says:

    That’s a lot of creame, would you like some coffee with that?

  34. ike says:

    I never win at hide and seek…I wonder why

  35. Aman says:

    Is that a hand… a butterfinger!

  36. qwertkey3 says:

    Squirrels with coffe?!?!? What has this world come to?????

  37. Skippy says:

    This is quite the spot of tea! I love the hazelnut tinge to it!

  38. falcon says:

    Wheres the nut creamer?!

  39. ScoutofLegends says:

    You know, this “soup” stuff makes everything easier!

  40. Pro Fo says:

    I hope IHOP doesn’t chase me for eating this again.

  41. Pro Fo says:

    I hope that man likes his pancakes without butter… but wow, this is really good.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take cream…hold the coffee!!

  43. Mobey09 says:

    The dream of having acorns wait this is butter

  44. lonestar says:

    wait,this was your cheesecake.

  45. pasinko says:

    OH I can’t wait ti pour this jam on my toast.

  46. The Boss says:

    Dang it! I forgot my nuts. This cream would have gone good with the nuts.

  47. Flippy doo da says:

    Why’s there a giant staring at me?

  48. venturing girl says:

    Maybe you would like some pancakes with your butter, sir?

  49. 007 says:

    more nut juice please

  50. Labrat says:

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Someone left their pudding cup!

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