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What’s going on in this picture? What is this guy doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption”

  1. doglover says:

    I never thought I would be demoted this far…

  2. U CAN'T TRACE ME says:

    General, It’s the biggest stack of paperwork EVER!!

  3. Toilet of terror says:

    Engine one has been damaged, Sir, by a fly.

  4. Aviation Geek 16 says:

    Wings…check, engine…none, propeller…none, gas…none, passengers…none. We’re ready for take-off!

  5. $The Dude$ says:

    And who says humans can’t fly…

  6. coolguy says:

    did I win the paper airplane contest.i need to fly it!

  7. ferret5 says:

    huff!, I thought paper was light!

  8. x says:

    ill be greater than the Wright brothers! paper airplanes are much better than the real thing…

  9. Minty says:

    Crash landing! AAAHHH!

  10. Drake says:

    Where’s the ejecter seats

  11. Drake says:

    Uh oh the winds picking up

  12. Pokemon122 says:

    Please no scissors in the forecast today.

  13. boy scout batman says:

    Screw physics!!

  14. the scout says:

    And they said i couldn’t fly.

  15. funguy says:

    okay just a little faster then I can fly

  16. heat says:

    The general was mad. he making us use paper things with no guns

  17. Tenderfoot says:

    It says to “Drive Slow”.

  18. Tenderfoot says:

    I belive I can fly.

  19. Paper says:


  20. Strained Man, 59 says:


  21. Greek Boy, 12 says:

    Hahah papier beats rock!!!!!

  22. TusKiller says:

    And I thought the Air Force instructor/school teacher
    was right, too…

  23. yoda3x says:

    if you fall to the ground once while flying over China, try, try again!

  24. Arscout2000 says:

    #YOLO Running off a cliff with paper plane, Be prepred for a quick mayday.

  25. Runner says:

    Rule 1 of Gliders:
    Gliders do NOT launch from the ground.

  26. Solar Fan says:

    I’ll top those Solar Impulse guys! (Solar Impulse is a plane powered completely by solar power currently being flown across the US…great idea for an article too. Pilots are Betrand and Piccard. Yep, just like in Star Trek)

  27. TheButterBooksOfMC says:

    I wonder if this is Air Legal.

  28. bob says:

    Ready for take off, sir

  29. hoparistic says:

    airbase there is to much wind the white angels are coming back in

  30. Animals101 says:

    I shall be the best paper-plane pilot ever!!!

  31. Meatloaf says:

    Why am I doing this?

  32. tyty says:

    Next time i will use iron

  33. RoBo Guy says:

    Are you sure this thing will get us to Hawaii in 4 hours ?

  34. Eagle2029 says:

    The Wright Brother’s first attempt

  35. Rock Star 627 says:

    “Hey guys, am I supposed to throw an entire plane? ‘Cause I’m not that strong. WAIT! IT’S MADE OF PAPER!

  36. Rock Star 627 says:

    How can ya fly that thing without engines?

  37. Rock Star 627 says:

    Um, flight paper? You’re clear for takeoff. “Flight paper”? For real? Wow.

  38. Mco606 says:

    Houston We have a problem… I don’t have a cupholder

  39. bob 3000 says:

    faster than a speeding eagle scout, its a man, no its a paper plane, its THE EAGLEMANPAPERPLANESCOUT!!!!!

  40. Baseredpizza says:

    Did I hear everyone else who ever did this never came down???!!!??!!?

  41. Basepizza says:

    Why isn’t this thing flying!?!?!?!!?

  42. xman37 says:

    To infinity, and beyond!

  43. pokepower says:

    I hope paper airplane hangliding rocks and I don’t smash into a wall

  44. yoyo says:

    do I look like Batman?

  45. Kingdom Hearts King says:

    Yet another person who misunderstood the term “Frequent flier.”

  46. heaths says:

    Where are the cup holders

  47. Heath says:

    I Repeat we are taking liftoff no papercut yet general

  48. Jack says:


  49. Scan Me says:

    Look at me now!

  50. powerminer says:


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