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What’s going on in this picture? What is this guy doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption”

  1. paperman!! says:

    Up, up, up, and away!!!!!

  2. epic-man says:

    Pilot: Is this really supposed to get me off the ground?
    Commander: I don’t know? Never tried it myself.

  3. barney says:

    according to my paper model this flyer should be just right for me…..or at least right for a parachute figurine

  4. Bob the builder says:

    Up up and away ✈

  5. Evan says:

    Please help me Wilbur

  6. robot says:

    air force is cutting down on funds

  7. samhu831 says:

    ”I hate my job.”

  8. Chan Man says:

    I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!!!!!

  9. trackstar1616 says:

    are you sure this will work?

  10. Bro253 says:

    If it rains…im dead

  11. N2 says:

    when do they serve snackz???

  12. Bio-nerd says:

    Ha! And they said man can`t fly!

  13. Capt. Striker says:

    Now boarding flight 214 to FAILURE.

  14. Wild Bill says:

    Flying Redneck Style

  15. Someone random says:

    We had a lot of paper.

  16. YankeesMan19 says:

    Ready for rip-off!

  17. king of the world says:

    I will be the first person, TO FLY!!!! Muhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  18. manlydipper says:

    I couldn’t afford to fly on an actual plane?

    • ponyboy says:

      I wanted to fly a REAL airplane, but no! Not certified he said! Well I’ll show him! I’LL SHOW YOU ALL!!

  19. Mr. Scoutguy says:

    Wait hold on! Let me get my camera so I can record you failing and post it online!

  20. LOTR says:

    The Air Force wouldn’t recruit me as a pilot.

  21. cookiemonster1 says:

    taking i landing gear wait i DONT HAVE LANDING GEAR!CRASH

  22. idiot of the world says:

    I went to the store today to see if could buy some parts for the plane i was going to build.there was a piece of giant paper i got at the store and one day later i flew it after 2 seconds it fan out of gas

  23. mr scout says:

    I shall fly…with TREES!

  24. mister says:

    man will fly if its the last thing i do

  25. jimbob bobmij says:

    I wonder how good the airline-food is on this flight…

  26. jukebox says:

    we had a shortage of aluminum

  27. cheeseman2445 says:

    Step#1: take off and fly through the sky! Step 2#: pray that I’m not gonna fly through a thunder storm.

  28. crash says:

    I hope I will fly to China

  29. Dude 268 says:

    Mom wear did you put my hangglider?

  30. 007 says:

    Man: They don’t like my design for a no man air craft. I’ll show them!!!

  31. 007 says:

    area 55: place for studying strange air craft

  32. lando520 says:

    I believe I can fly…. I believe I can touch the- [splat]

  33. cooleel says:

    now all I need is a cannon…

  34. yo mamma says:

    This works on the small ones, it must work better on the big ones

  35. 56565656 says:

    UP,UP, and away !

  36. 007 says:

    the first model of the cheap airplane project is called the paper 972. still in beta testing

  37. skythekidRS says:

    darn i cant fly. plans were about to get lot cheeper

  38. Anonymous says:

    step 1:
    throw it
    step 2:
    run like Indiana Jones
    step 3:
    jump and grab on

  39. epicman says:

    yes a small paper air plane with only a 400×500 format

  40. Ninja says:

    So much for more advanced…

  41. v says:

    they ran out of hanglider

  42. Tacobus says:

    Is THIS how the Wright brothers did it?

  43. Skylord says:

    This looks like a job for…. PAPER AIRPLANE-HELMET MAN!!!

  44. A is meeeeeeee says:

    Watch out Superman, here comes Paperman!

  45. fun says:

    it says drive slowly, no rule for flying!

  46. Gandalf the Grey says:

    Lost my old plane, had to get this baby. Hope it flies.

  47. LE AWESOME BROSKI!!!!! says:


  48. LE AWESOME BROSKI!!!!! says:

    Now my mom has to be proud of me. She said I’d be a good pilot, and here I am now flying a giant- wait one second, excuse me commander, this isn’t the plane I asked for….

  49. 7227 says:

    In the wake of Budget Cuts, the Air Force is looking into less expensive ways to fly.

  50. awesome man says:

    My friends are gonna flip when they see this!

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