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  1. Piglewarrior says:

    I taught i taw a putty tat. I DID, I DID TAW A PUTTY TAT!

  2. A-Train says:

    Cat got your tongue?

  3. YankeesMan19 says:

    Get me-ow of here!

  4. KK says:

    Please, don’t fly away when I open the door…ether of you.

  5. KK says:

    Hey, Putty Cat, would you pwease come out so I can eat you?

  6. KK says:

    P…Polly wanna cracker?

  7. Mega Man says:

    Auh, the poor, poor putty-tat! THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!

  8. cool one says:

    i am yo masta

  9. me says:

    you will never get away with this !

  10. BossofMonkeys says:

    Come in its Great!

  11. clopy990 says:

    Bird:welcome to the new cat in cage museum

  12. snoopapy says:

    bird:bird in cage.no!cat in cage!cat:help!

  13. zager7 says:

    i’m glad i leared how to turn my cage inside out yesterday

  14. melo37 says:

    so close… and yet so far…

  15. hubble says:

    The irony is just sickening

  16. Oninimous says:

    Aaaa? Shouldn’t you be in here?

  17. i is nyan cat says:

    bird: ha ha ha, i won cat

    cat: fine i wont chase you anymore

    bird: i’ll let you out… after i get something to eat!

  18. jj says:

    You found me!

  19. Dten10 says:

    I can’t believe Tweety Bird got me again!

  20. mario3455 says:

    I hate opposite day.

  21. Me says:

    Do have tea with me sometime, Mr.Bird.

  22. creeperman says:

    “now I would like to thank superbird for saving our city from catwomen by caging her.”

  23. POpman1234 says:

    here kitty kitty kitty

  24. big sis of a scout says:

    Bird: Hahahaha what a sucker! Cat: Once the human gets back here and sets me free, your dead!

  25. IMADIVERGENT says:

    And I thought Jerry was clever.

  26. dinoboy320 says:


  27. octrigs says:

    Look who’s in the birdcage now?

  28. tenderfoot 123 says:

    bird: taste my black magic!!!

    Cat: Let me out!

    Bird: No thanks

  29. DrBakes says:

    Cat: I knew I should’ve looked at the instructions before I built the cage!

  30. Scouter says:

    Can’t catch me now, cat!

  31. rocket says:

    bird: Ha Ha Ha, now you cant get me. Your stuck!

  32. sid says:

    And you think cats are smart!

  33. ThatRandomGuy... says:

    Hey you… ya, you… Let me outta here , I got lotsa bird seed and I’ll make your life heaven * licks chops*

  34. That One Dude says:

    You’re in the doghouse now!

  35. Roxter77 says:

    Oh, how the tables have turned.

  36. awesome111 says:

    Oh how the tables have turned…

  37. MagmaBlizzard5 says:

    uh… well… This is akward

  38. dust says:

    cheater cheater pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn’nt keep her

  39. Hobbit 100 says:

    I taut I taw a tweetie bird……I did i did see tweetie bird

  40. MarioStar says:

    This is so totally going on Twitter!

  41. pokemaster says:

    SUCKER! :)

  42. the BOSS says:

    hey aren’t you the one that has been chasing me all day?

  43. Penny says:

    Nice pic now I think the bird will take out the cat

  44. scout says:

    This is switched up, No?

  45. ebok says:

    well i don’t like your life can i have mine back

  46. shoeshine0102 says:


  47. TheEpicOne says:

    In a sudden turn of events, polly learned how to use the lock on his cage.

  48. toast ghost says:

    cat:this is a really weird dream…
    bird: whatever u wanna think

  49. awesome wonders says:

    Bird>> I tink i see a putty cat in my cage.
    Cat>> Suffering suffocazsh!!!!!

  50. !!! says:

    cat: our owner needs glasses

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