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What’s going on in this picture? What are these animals doing and what are they thinking?

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  1. Chan Man says:

    Who you lookin’ at?

  2. wreid047 says:

    suffering succotash!!!

  3. Bro253 says:

    BIG CANARY COMIN’ through

  4. N2 says:

    litaraly??? this iz not happenin

  5. Ert says:

    You’re under arrest cat

  6. Crazy-I-Joe says:

    bird “did I see a pussy cat… I did,I did see a pussy cat”

  7. king mighty canary says:

    cat, feel what it’s like to suffer the cruel confinement of THE CAGE now! You should have thought twice before humiliating me when I was in there, CAT! You should not have provoked the wrath of the evil Dr. Tweet, foolish kitty. Muahahahahahahahah!!!!

  8. lpenn319051 says:

    Why is my dinner outside of its cage?

  9. trigger says:

    canary captures feline foe

  10. I AM A GIRL says:

    Aaah kitty you turned into a canary!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LILIPUP says:


  12. Random Pwner says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    bird: MEOW, I think I’ll go eat my cat food

  14. hatsune miku says:

    dont make me call for the dog.

  15. pewdiepie says:

    Bird-why dont u talk dog got your toung

  16. jon says:

    Bird: Hey i just met u and this is crazy

  17. D-Man says:

    cat: Tweet. Tweet. I’m going to bite you. bird: Meow. Meow. I’m going to eat you if you get out.

  18. Killing Man says:

    What are you saying?!?!It’s my turn to be the cat!

  19. Jawesome says:

    Bird: Ha, Ha, Ha, You just fell for my elaborite trap Dr. Mittens

  20. Kopes says:

    Now you know what it feels like

  21. riot maker says:

    cat: i’ll get you bird.evently

  22. ike472 says:

    See how YOU like being caged up al day pretty kitty! Ha!

  23. ACT II says:

    The irony of this is just sickining .

  24. Jawesome says:

    Cat: this is an very weird kennel

  25. blackhat says:

    bird-i feel like Napoleon

  26. swagger says:

    take that sulvester

  27. @oranckles says:

    CAT: You tricked me!!!

  28. Just4Kicks says:

    I think I saw a puddy cat!

  29. i like pigs says:

    bird: lets see you try to eat me now!

  30. roblox king says:

    im a cat and your the bird

  31. Poopsie says:

    bird:now who’s the bird in the cage?

  32. champ says:

    “when I get out, I have three words for you, birdy.” Dinner is Served

  33. baybay says:

    bird:just waiting for snack time. cat:i’m a cat!

  34. Pokemaster10 says:

    Inside out birdcage

  35. rde says:

    cat: How did this happen?!

  36. funnimister says:

    bird:yes now the litter box is all mine

  37. yoyo says:

    looks like the shoe is on the other foot yeah

  38. jhall says:

    Bird: Mom bought me a toy!

  39. cricket says:

    ha!! have you now what yu gonna do huh cat stuck dog got your tung huh

  40. kjd2 says:

    cat: something’s wrong here
    bird: yeah you’re in my cage

  41. jawesome says:

    Birdy want a caty

  42. scout#1 says:

    “canary captures kitty!”

  43. Anonymous says:

    bird:well,well,well…….try to eat ME huh?
    cat: o.k.,o.k, I know we have had our differences,but…
    bird:I coped with it for 2 YEARS.!!!Enjoy.(flies off)
    cat:wait,WAIT!! oh nuts!

  44. Cartoonnut says:

    Bird: Don’t think I’m here to bail you out.

  45. Kat says:

    Bird: Now, I can tell you what I really think…Dogs are awesome!

  46. fluffy says:

    you will never get out alive

  47. Destroyer123 says:

    Canary: Your sentence is prison for life.

  48. Ultimate Cheetah-mon says:

    Cat: I’ll get you next time Tweety!
    Bird: Not today, Whiskers!
    Cat: Hey, don’t call me that!!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    It`s not nice when the shoes on the other paw CAT!

  50. nc6 says:

    cat:your a small cat. bird:yor a big bird!

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