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What’s going on in this picture? What are these animals doing and what are they thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. supersyc says:

    You win…for now

  2. bub says:

    Cat: Ooooooooh…you just wait until I get out of here!!!!
    bird:If….if you get out.

  3. minecraft maniac says:

    How do you think I feel when I’m always stuck in there?

  4. mariofan says:

    How does the cat get its own way? With friendly purrsuasion.

  5. Latinerd11 says:

    “If we could switch places once just once.” OPPS!

  6. Bob Monkeywarts says:

    ya see how I’m in here? yeah it’s fun, you should try it sometime.

  7. javalava says:

    Bird: I know I took opposite day too far, but it was worth it! :D

  8. legowiz says:

    Let me out! Or I won’t talk! DO YOU HERE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jdawg says:

    I think I see a putty cat but why is he in my cage?

  10. thunder guy says:

    I tink I taw a birdy tat

  11. Anonymous says:

    Once I get outta this cage; it`s num-num time!

  12. rich says:

    Birdy see Birdy do Birdy laugh at you

  13. Jax says:

    Sothis is how you live bird boy

  14. cpd says:

    Look i cought a pussy cat.

  15. lily been says:

    it is funny

  16. matt-o-rama says:


  17. cooldude says:

    i taught i saw a birdy i did i did see a birdy

  18. Boyscout13 says:

    When I said I wish I was in there, I meant with YOU in it

  19. SUPERSTAR says:


  20. wezdaman says:

    I tot I taw a tweetey bird

  21. Tomato says:

    the tides have turned

  22. Rhyno says:

    I told you, Sylvester. Tweetie Bird always gets what he wants.

  23. Gamer says:

    hear kitty kitty

  24. anonymiss says:

    Bird:Get out of my house or I will call the police.

  25. TheHick says:

    Cat- You may have won the battle, but i’ll still win the war.
    Bird- :)

  26. CyGuy says:

    who is in the cage now pussycat

  27. Dill says:

    Birdy open this cage and let’s trade spots

  28. Ash says:


  29. Carter says:

    I tout I cought a putty cat! I did! I did cought a putty cat!

  30. Dj electric0201 says:

    bird:How do u like? cat:Once i get out u r going to get it!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Cool198 says:

    Hmm… It seems the tides have turned.

  32. coolman says:

    I’m a catbird.

  33. sillyboy says:

    It may be funny now, but it won’t be when I get out!

  34. jimbob says:

    now just imagine how you would feel if I was fifty times bigger and trying to eat you.

  35. dj says:

    Now try and catch me.

  36. Brickman says:

    Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

  37. Lego Freak says:

    Bird: “That is SO funny!
    Cat:” I will eat you….. once I get out!

  38. aj and ij says:

    nice job tweety you got me again just wait till i get out of this cage

  39. nick says:

    bird: I see the tides have turned.
    cat: How did you become so strong?

  40. EPIC says:

    Who’s the one in the cage now?

  41. mavro102 says:

    I’m not a bird, I eat the bird

  42. pop says:

    canary got your tuonge

  43. pokemon says:

    luke join the dark side

  44. Izak says:


  45. Timten says:

    “Now you know how I’ve felt all these years!”

  46. Mr.Man says:

    Um…uh…just checking the plumbing. It`s leaky.

  47. veyboy says:

    You think this is so darn funny, don’t you? You just wait ’till I get out…..

  48. kirby says:

    come on let me out right now or else i am going to call the cat police!

  49. BuckinBronc says:

    Whatta tink now little puty tat. Granny I found dinner!

  50. BuckinBronc says:

    My plan didn’t work. Has anyone seen the keys?

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