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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Bob Monkeywarts says:

    I got a shovel, dirt, and a bucket. Ya wanna trade?

  2. d says:

    who’s driving?

  3. Pack number 4881 says:

    I like your picture it is nice.

  4. thor!!! says:

    did you leave it on?…..

  5. Mctyger says:

    You wanna trade for a ham sandwich?

  6. Qwertyking says:

    Full Beards,
    Sleeveless Shirts,
    Small Plastic Lunch Boxes……

  7. Mo says:

    Wait, who’s driving!?!

  8. Jbird says:

    Why do they have to take a picture then the world will know about the break time bio couch

  9. Jbird says:

    What if he tips us ,which way never mind

  10. AJ says:

    Why is our seat moving while we eat our sandwich? {they dive out of the way} what’s it digging in the sand? Aaahhhh, it’s a witch!!!

  11. telescopeguy says:

    Green lunch box: I alway get a ham sandwich.
    Blue lunch box: Awe, you’re fulla baloney!

  12. Telescope says:

    Please dont flatten us great and powerful bulldozer driver!

  13. telescopeguy says:

    See, I told you we didnt need a couch.

  14. 000 says:

    boss we weren’t eating on the job. we were just riding in the bucket to get to the construction site

  15. T-T says:

    Why is our couch moving?! I thought it was “brake” time.

  16. Bugler says:

    Thanks for the lift bud.

  17. dack331 says:

    Now why do they have to take our picture and put it on the website and show the world?

  18. Tadpole says:

    (right) Extra ham. (left) Extra turkey.

  19. Ace says:

    Right: Dude! You have the same type of lunch box as me.
    Left: Wow! That, and I got a dirt sandwich.

  20. Dr Jango says:

    STOP IT! you keep killing my pet GOOMBA!

  21. samhu831 says:

    They make these games to real.

  22. bubsybubba says:

    I think they’re just on a brake and found a place to sit.

  23. goofy says:

    The darn thing can’t move I guess they both ate one to many corndogs.

  24. ZOOMER501 says:

    Is this the bench dude?

  25. Billy Bob Joe says:

    Taking out the garbage

  26. Billybobjoe says:

    Left- Ah! A peanut butter banana and sardine sandwich with extra mustard!

    Right- Lucky.

  27. C.o.C Fan says:

    We should really start making our own lunches.

  28. ziggy333 says:

    wanna trade?!?

  29. The Guy says:

    Why are we here again

  30. jaws jr. says:

    Left : I got a ham sandwich
    Cow : Eat more chicken .

  31. Bobby says:

    My wife gave me tuna, AGAIN!

  32. Fronkolator says:

    the first guy said “My mamma got me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” and the second guy said ” WHAT? No fair! My mamma got me a roast beef sandwich.”

  33. BellaSweetzRoxy says:

    HMMMMMMM, got any PB&J? No, go fish.

  34. ryguy says:

    Aw man, Ham sandwich

  35. ohwell says:

    look at the bright side…we’re not really working on the job…

  36. Zean says:

    Hey, what do have for lunch, kid!

  37. T10 says:

    aww,mom tuna again??!!!

  38. Supersolver says:

    I need to get a bigger lunch.

  39. Nutmeg says:

    left- pb and j
    right- j and pb
    both- TRADE!

  40. awesomeperson says:

    i’m bored and i only got a PBJ sandwhich and this chair is uncomfy…

  41. Cody says:

    Baloney again, really mom.

  42. Cub Scout Guy says:

    Left: How this ham and Chesse Sandwitch looks amazing!
    Right: Wow It Does !!!!
    :Right: Can i Have it?
    Left: Heck No !
    Right: To Bad i ate it

  43. kilrdragon54 says:

    Awwww…. Nice note from your mommy.

  44. drew says:

    wanna’ trade sandwedges

  45. gazebo says:

    With this backhoe parked near the entrance, we’re providing a beacon for lunch hour visitors.

  46. 007 says:

    Left: Why isn’t my DS working?
    Right: Dude, that’s a lunchbox.
    Left: Sure it is…

  47. JWan says:

    Well, looks like lunch time’s over.

  48. LEGOscout says:

    You smell like dirt.

  49. bsa boy says:

    left- ham and cheese
    right- pb and j
    left- want to trade

  50. magicluver says:

    I’ll just manuver these unsuspecting co-workers into the pond. Let’s see how THEY like getting their lunch ruined!

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