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What’s going on in this picture? What are these rodents doing and what are they thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. ark says:

    LUNCH BREAK !!!!!!!

  2. wolfy scot says:

    This is a good thanksgiving feast. Wonder what the humans are doing right now.

  3. jman says:

    please, pass the salad dressing,fellas

  4. stu1101 says:

    Who fed the rats?!!

  5. crazyboy says:

    All you can eat buffet: 0 acorns

  6. Eaters says:

    Seriously? Squirrels eating tomatoes? Or should I say, tomaHtoes???

  7. hammer says:

    free for all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. diesel says:

    No utensils???I am not a dog!!I have very good table manners,this is unacceptable!

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