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What’s going on in this picture? What is this dog doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Hey, you said put it on my bill…

  2. Slifer says:

    First one to blink loses!

  3. coolcat says:

    Are you my mom?

  4. SSP says:


  5. Construct Master says:

    Where’s Lady And The Spaghetti?!

  6. govpants says:

    What are you looking at?!

  7. Bdog says:

    I really wanted to win the Xbox mum has the red ring of death and I don’t know how to fix it ;(

  8. Tadpole says:

    (dog) I just love you so much!

  9. teddy bear says:

    want to have lunch? HELLO?!?

  10. Danny says:

    Why aren’t u in the bathtub?

  11. hahaha says:

    can you keep a secret

  12. EquableSlicer says:

    you want to ninja fight me?

  13. random dandom says:

    are you ok? you look kinda rubbery

  14. cocococo says:

    This a mach made in nature heaven

  15. DuckyDude!!!! says:

    You taste like rubber….. with a side dish of plastic…..

  16. CreeperKing999 says:

    There is something about this animal I just don’t understand…..

  17. funnymaster says:

    Mom? I can’t get this into the bathtub.

  18. Hi Mom!!! says:


  19. Did I Win? says:

    You don’t look like the real bob!

  20. sniper says:

    ‘sup babe

  21. Scubakid says:

    I win, you blinked!

  22. jdog3 says:

    Can you check if I’ve got one of those..beaks?

  23. scoutmomDE says:

    Would you like to play or are you a statue for me to talk to

  24. rolo says:

    You may kiss the du- (cough)(cough) bride

  25. Tearfulrocky says:

    Dog: I love you. Will you marry me?
    Duck: Quack
    Dog:”Quack” is not an answer. So, I guess no. <:(

  26. Cartoons Plural says:

    Your quacking me up.

  27. SamandDerekShow says:


  28. reading4fun says:

    Ducky to Doggie, “Did it hurt when you ran into the wall?”

  29. clonewarsmaniac says:

    (sniff,sniff) Hey,can I eat this thingamajig?!!?

  30. Nerd that lives in another galaxy says:

    I thought the prince turned into a frog, not a duck!

  31. George Refridgerator says:

    This marriage will never work out.

  32. 6tall says:

    I thought it was Thanksgiving!

  33. mandude590 says:

    mmm…rubber duckie…tastes like chicken

  34. Bubbles says:

    Duck: Hey Dog! You aren’t supposed to stay in the bath that long. Just look at all your wrinkles!

  35. Human Martian says:

    Sorry, but I’m already married!

  36. campingfreak says:

    ewwww!!!! stop slobbering me

  37. Fmax says:

    Are they kissing?

  38. froakie14 says:

    Tough love so sad

  39. Ace says:

    So you are the one who has been hanging out in the bathtub with my human!

  40. Ghostryder999 says:

    Something smells wrong

  41. Jackster says:

    WOW, tastes like chicken!

  42. BOMBS AWAY says:

    mmm… tastes like chicken.

  43. luke says:

    Stop looking at me like that! At least blink once in a while! Jeez.

  44. Dr Jango says:

    look who found his lucky lady

  45. Legolas says:

    Marry me, Ducky!

  46. nachy says:

    Will you marry me, because you look absolutely squeaky today…….

  47. park says:


  48. Meowwwww says:

    Ready for bath time ducky

  49. koolkid9 says:

    I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the duck.

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