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  1. guy says:

    we elephants are so sifisticated, we don’t need leashes

  2. dino 347 says:

    I’m 12 years old I don’t need you to hold my trunk when I from one enclosure to another!

  3. retroman1963 says:

    ELEPHANT: Der di der der der. where we go?

  4. 007 says:

    aw i don’t want to go the time out corner

  5. me says:

    yeesh, I wish the cheapskate would just by a leash already

  6. feakin out says:

    please don’t use my trunk as a leash

  7. Hike,Camp,Have fun says:

    Peanuts!! Peanuts!! where are the peanuts?

  8. Jedi Sean says:

    “Does this airline accept trunks?”

  9. Fly boy No. T says:

    This way Bubba.

  10. RedBaron23 says:

    OW!!! Be careful with the trunk!

  11. The Best Yoshi says:

    Man: AHH! DON’T EAT ME!!! Elephant: I’m not trying to eat you, I’m trying to get you OUT of MY way!

  12. rex221 says:

    im an italian doggy

  13. D is Awesome says:

    Hold my hand while crossing the street.

  14. bob the unicorn says:

    “Lets take our elephants for a walk”.

  15. David says:

    Hey! Come back with those peanuts before I call over the others!

  16. evanator says:

    Please Im beging you please don’t body slam me :|

  17. MudkipDude says:

    HUT 2 3 4 HUT 2 3 4…

  18. leo says:

    time for your walk,jumbo. you’ll get all chubby if you dont.

  19. Hairball says:

    “Thanks for stopping my sneeze”

  20. bobow says:

    Stop pulling my trunk or I’ll stomp you!!!!!!!!!

  21. I'm not afraid, to throw a chair says:

    Now here he is Lisa. Don’t worry, he won’t bite.

  22. fly says:

    not the trunk! anything but my trunk!

  23. ThreePointer says:

    WOW!!! That’s the bigest dog EVER!

  24. tron says:

    I want some ice cream too!!!

  25. dragon kid says:

    Gimmie That Peanut!

  26. Pikachu88_O_O says:

    the leashes at the pet store were to small…..

  27. grizzelybear says:

    Fashion show ladies!!!!!

  28. Tiger=Awesome says:

    Hand over the peanuts and no one gets hurt!

  29. BIGMIKE says:

    this is a nose, not a hose.

  30. sasuke never planned says:

    come with me if you want to live!

  31. Bandit says:

    STOP DOING THIS!!!!!!!!

  32. Maxpower88 says:

    I’m not a ballon!

  33. DTZ 123-Q says:

    thats the straightest my trunk gets hey! i never realised im a portable watering system

  34. DrakeJoshF says:

    “I sure love walk your elephant day”

  35. PUB BOY says:


  36. CORNILIE23123123 says:

    No collar,just a nose leash!Or a showerhead for animals!

  37. lol says:


  38. Epc Nynja says:

    But I don’t want a time out!

  39. that funny guy... says:

    Heel, boy!

  40. Monkey with a corndog says:

    You can pick your friends, And you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose. Quit it!

  41. Monkey says:

    I am taking my pet elephant on a walk.

  42. gorge says:

    he hates leashes so what else can i do

  43. ethin123 says:


  44. joe says:

    One more peanut

  45. capitoloftexas says:

    Hey, that’s my peanut!

  46. not.here says:

    who needs a leash? I don’t! I’ll be outa here in no time!

  47. not.here says:

    ..but I don’t wanna

  48. watmater889 says:

    nothing to worry about, just walking around with a huge elephant everybody is scared of…

  49. watmater889 says:

    come on snorkie, lets go…

  50. Dinogiggle says:

    It’s better than a leash!

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