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  1. chicen says:

    Going for a massage!! They should be done in a week or two.

  2. me! who else? says:

    Dude!!! I know you don’t want to live in a cage, but for the last time, Im not taking you home with me! sorry…

  3. Artino says:

    We are best friends for ever:)

  4. bob2014 says:

    Just walkin’ my pet elephant… wait,that’s not normal?

  5. Bro253 says:

    Ooh where are we going disney world :D

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who needs leashes?

  7. Ed says:

    Elephant? What elephant?

  8. Waves739 says:

    Ok come with me there’s a fire on 926 Main St. and the hoses have a leak.

  9. spybot says:

    So when are you getting the leash.

  10. tony hawk fan says:

    for the millionth time, IM NOT A DOG!!!

  11. gio says:

    why walk a dog when you can walk a elephant

  12. sugar freak says:

    Wait! I am NOT your child

  13. jay says:

    no no no! dont put the penut in there you will ruin it

  14. reed says:

    Hey give it back

  15. rammer says:

    time to walk the dog, er, elephant with built in leash

  16. Qwerty500 says:

    We walk dogs in the park, why not elephants!

  17. nick says:

    follow me

  18. scout2000 says:

    Trunk stretch.

  19. bigbison says:

    it’s a trunk, not a leash.

  20. ZurdAttack says:

    Uh… I know we’re best friends, but I am fifteen, so STOP HOLDING MY HAND!

  21. Pikaxhu2 says:

    Best Friends Forever!!!

  22. fluffygreenblob says:

    come along, sue. it’s time for school.

  23. ??????? says:

    Moving peanut factory……

  24. Canvas rider 13827 says:

    Since this woman is too poor, she uses my trunk as a leash!

  25. Lofty says:

    Why won’t she let me fly, there’s no mice in the sky.

  26. memeyou says:

    this is what you should always do while crossing the street.

  27. Shimmer99 says:

    What am I doing? Walking my elephant, why?

  28. funny c462 says:

    its take ur elephant to work day

  29. funny c462 says:

    hey ladie, thats my nose, not a rope

  30. spikeymo says:

    hold my hand,were crossing the street.

  31. Dragon Ball Fan says:

    That’ll teach ya’ to shove peanuts up my nose!

  32. master.jr says:

    chicks dig the elephant

  33. master.jr says:

    wow why did you get an elephant… i thought it would be a mad crazy woderful idea

  34. billybobjoe says:

    well I when’t to the pet store to bye a dog and then I saw this little fella

  35. A kid says:

    “I do say, Margret, the way you are pulling me is most undignified!!!!”

  36. kingdomkat says:

    But I dont wanna go to school!

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