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What’s going on in this picture? What is the helicopter pilot doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. KAbam says:

    It um…Crashed Yeah it crashed.

  2. Joker says:

    Wonder what that sign over there says?

  3. myself says:

    Hey, co-pilot. Could you tell me what that sign said? I missed it when we flewwmover it.

  4. Mr. X says:

    “The bully is back on the playground! Bummer!”

  5. S.M.O says:

    Um don’t mind me i’m just epicly hovering in mid-air

  6. PvZ Master365 says:

    Anybody got some weed-killer?

  7. capt.obvious says:

    “parking” more like landing

  8. bls3 says:

    their doing an urgent drug bust on the three bears

  9. bls3 says:

    they tottaly meant DO park on grass,right?

  10. dack331 says:

    They clearly don’t know it’s a free country.

  11. Coach Medford says:

    this here is ‘merica ‘nough said.

  12. hi says:

    I’m not a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Toahero says:

    Remind me, what did that sign say again?

  14. Peanut says:

    I don’t think they mean for helicopters. Oh well, I guess I can just land for a minute

  15. Cool Hands says:

    They said no parking! Not landing!

  16. weatherjet says:

    They’re the army, they can do anything they want.

  17. Reeze says:

    Who needs rules when you are a military pilot!

  18. Nivag says:

    Sorry……. My blades are tired.

  19. mr.Awesomenessfromthehill says:

    what else are parks used for

  20. camrod says:

    No parking…but landing is ok I mean really, who’s gonna stop me!!!

  21. Mr. Mcdonald says:

    Helicopter doesn’t care, it just parks where it wants!

  22. Tadpole says:

    I bet it’s the park ranger again.

  23. random dandom says:

    i’m military, i care ’bout no rules!

  24. Davey says:

    ” I think were going to get fired “

  25. mr funnybone says:

    park rules, not my rules

  26. Dark_dungeon_lover says:

    Man, this is REALLY pushing it!

  27. teddy bear says:

    what? I can’t park here? It`s not like there is a sign or anything.

  28. vad says:

    the choppers there to enforce da law

  29. marvel fan says:

    *sips coffee*


  30. 8/10 says:

    I think they mean cars.

  31. 8/10 says:

    World War Park

  32. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

    Park wherever you want. That’s the first rule in Army basic training.

  33. ? says:

    I don’t need rule I can park were a want

  34. CosmicGamer2003 says:

    This isn’t a helicopter…. *whistles*

  35. Book Worm says:

    We better not get a ticket for this.

  36. horse lover says:

    why is the plain on a plain

  37. bestpatrolleaderever says:

    PARK RANGER vs. SPEC. OPS. TEAM w/ BLACK HAWK!!!! Who will win?

  38. w00t says:

    ” Muahahaha! I succeeded in disguising myself as an army pilot, so I could finally do something evil! No parking on grass,THE PERFECT START! Heh heh heh….

  39. bestpatrolleaderever says:

    With military exceptions. You don’t want to challenge a black hawk!

  40. Anonymous says:

    With military exceptions. Don’t challenge a black hawk!

  41. myme says:

    Park on the grass they said. It will be fun they said

  42. sman says:

    GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!

  43. MOOSHIE says:

    OK, dude. Those “No parking” signs also go for aircraft.

  44. Colonel Commando says:

    No one said anything about no HELICOPTERS parking on the grass!

  45. Gibster says:

    The military is strict yet they don’t follow the rules!! I wonder

  46. meeploze says:

    Let’s pretend this never happened

  47. meeploze says:

    I think that only applies for cars.

  48. Mr.Rar says:

    Army pilots park wherever they want.

  49. mj_fester says:

    Wow, they sure are serious about those rules

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