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What’s going on in this picture? What is the helicopter pilot doing and what is he thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. 8/10 says:

    I do not fallow rules, i’m in the Army

  2. The John says:

    Okay, let’s park here. Oh gosh! There’s a security dog! Pull up! Pull up!

  3. ? says:

    Really???????? We are in WW3 and YOU are worrying about GRASS?!?!?!?!?

  4. Moo-Moo says:

    I didn’t park, I landed!

  5. the Doctor says:

    Signs are just suggestions. Just like speed limits.

  6. Bugler says:

    hope the cops don’t get us. should’ve checked the gas before we left, gotta get more.

  7. Max Lucier says:

    We’re going to get a ticket from the MPs.

  8. king dedede says:

    Is this a trick question?

  9. goose says:

    Um…Do those rule apply to millitery hellacopters?

  10. Engineer says:

    Yes! First ones here, we got the best parking spot!

  11. Thor says:

    Wait, I thought the sign said “Land your copter fast”!

  12. asdfdsa says:

    Somebody quick get a red marker to cross of the NO!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Now lets go do this at the free parking spots!

  14. Trump says:

    We know people. We get to do this all of the time.

  15. thedinoman says:

    Sorry, ma’am, but I’m afraid the impending war is far more important than your grass. Besides, weren’t you supposed to evacuate the war zone!?

  16. Meritbadgemonster says:

    It said no parking not no landing.

  17. Joshua says:

    Ummm…. Got special orders to stop helicopter, but I can’t park it.

  18. I'm new says:

    I told you to check the gas before we left!

  19. the sheep says:

    this is a branch of the forest rangers. this is their airborne division

  20. macaw bomb says:

    well it was your gps!

  21. Mikenajjar7 says:


  22. TYRONE YUP YUP says:

    Technecly this dosn’t count as parking.

  23. Nikobeast says:

    Lets just say its a dog

  24. Nicnac says:

    I thought this was a heli-lot.

  25. that guy over there says:

    Sorry. That sign is 5 years old and was supposed to be taken down 4 years ago.

  26. a person says:

    That’s not parked. It driver just landed, turned off his engine, then left to buy a doughnut.

  27. legodude says:

    Sorry, but I needed to do some “business” in the woods.

  28. ???? Nobody Knows.... says:

    I’m pretty sure they mean blimps.

  29. Legolover3 says:

    “Parking is meant for cars, right?”

  30. PTGLego says:

    I land, don’t park.

  31. cool dude says:

    Lets just walk away slowy like this never happend. Nevermind! The police are coming run!

  32. cool dude says:

    we didn’t walk on it. we landed on it.

  33. TrollingTheNoob says:

    Ummmmm….. im just gonna get out of here. *RUUUUUNNNNNN!!!*

  34. dynamite kid 7345 says:

    Yeah, whatever! This is a helicopter, not a car. And besides, I have M60 machine guns!

  35. UbuntuXP says:

    Pilot: What does sign say?
    Copilot: I don’t know. Why?
    Pilot: I’m just curious. How about you go and see what it says.
    Copilot: Yes sir.
    Few minutes later…
    Copilot: Move to helicopter!
    Pilot: Why?
    Copilot: It says Don’t park on grass.
    Pilot: OK. We are taking off now.

  36. Construct_master says:

    No Parking?! Seriously!? You’re forgetting that we are chasing a world-renowned crook!

  37. Captain_YO says:

    You’re insinuating I put that there? I’m offended.

  38. liwa says:

    Hey! Call the police! Wait. We are the police.

  39. Lobar says:

    We should have stopped at that last gas station

  40. Lightning says:

    Dude. Does the word unemployed mean anything to you??

  41. untovar says:

    um where were the pilot traning exercisizes again?

  42. Heater says:

    At least we don’t park. We land.

  43. soilyourplants says:

    Let’s see. I got 10 missiles and 2 boxes of amunition…. who’s going to stop me?

  44. Dr Jango says:

    I don’t think this is a landing-pad…

  45. govpants says:

    So what?! I’m a helicopter!

  46. minecraftlord says:

    wait, we aren’t supposed to be here…. YOLO :)

  47. Josiph says:

    If nobody looks at it, its not a violation.

  48. Josiph says:

    If it’s a helicopter it doesn’t count, right?

  49. Unreal Steve the 1st says:

    Landing, however, is a different story!

  50. Purple Fred says:

    I’m not parking on the grass, I’m just sitting here.

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