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What’s going on in this picture? What is that monkey doing, and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. Someone says:

    Now all I need is a red suit…

  2. Captionman says:

    I mustache you a question but I’ll shave it for later

  3. Trololo says:

    Do you like my mustache?

  4. Davey says:

    OK, who hid the shaving cream?

  5. chazzscout says:

    I’m growing out, can’t ya tell

  6. Anonymous says:

    like my ‘stache ??

  7. pocketknife1 says:

    I win the mustashe contest!Yay!

  8. yoyo says:

    i dont realy like being santamonkey because this beard is realy itchy

  9. Spock says:

    I should someday meet Gary Fisher and see if he can beat this Mustache.

  10. hahaha says:

    anyone got a clippers

  11. coolninja says:

    I’M NOT A MAN!

  12. monkeyman says:

    im the wise monkey from the mountain.

  13. WindowsHP says:

    Hi, I’m Mr. Monopoly!

  14. Yours truly says:

    Yeah. Alright, I’ll admit it, I forgot to shave.

  15. Brickman says:

    Maybe I should hold off on the hair growth formula.

  16. cman says:

    Hello old man monkyten

  17. tony hawk fan says:

    Yeah, i know. i need 2 shave.

  18. paco el taco says:

    do i look fat

  19. madsushi93 says:

    Do you like my mustache?

  20. haha says: says:

    I AM master monkey

  21. chris says:


  22. Chupacabra says:

    Do you think i need to trim my nice moustache?

  23. tuba says:

    Lend me a razor, please

  24. Broncoboy#2 says:

    I havent shaved my whole life!

  25. Thedude says:

    “Hey, Yo like mah beard?”

  26. superman says:

    i am monkey chan!

  27. Socrates says:

    I should really invest in a razor.

  28. CornDog says:

    “Maybe I should have gotten the transplant mustache from a younger monkey…”

  29. Bert says:

    I’m the new Lorax

  30. dino says:

    the beard is a sign of pure monkey

  31. Starscout121212b says:

    Why are you laughing? The guys said that I wound look wise.

  32. mntnman says:

    only humans shave monkeys grow beards

  33. sugar freak says:

    Monkeys can grow mustaches?

  34. Good says:

    Sometimes I don’t fell like shaving in the morning.

  35. Dominic says:

    Hey, I just ripped this mustache of a mans face!

  36. tinganater says:

    I’m turning into the lorax!

  37. Andrew says:

    “wax on right hand, wax off left hand, wax on, wax off”
    -Karate Kid

  38. Percy Jackson says:

    Me wise old Chinese guru.Wax on wax off.

  39. jay says:

    I havent shaved in a week, ya see

  40. Anonymous says:

    hi i am harry the monkey

  41. 5365i47842 says:

    okay mister, hand me that razor if you’ll please.

  42. extremescout101 says:

    Is that shaving creme that you got? I NEED IT!!!

  43. Mustache says:

    Like me mustache yes of course

  44. bigbison says:

    hhhmmmm, yes, you like my mustache. here i’ll stroke it for you, yes

  45. Dude Guy97 says:

    Very interesting

  46. BLfan says:

    what are you looking at, punk?

  47. ty says:

    I knew I should have shaved.

  48. tooBad says:

    back when i was a kid…

  49. Monkey Man says:

    Ahhhh your trouubles shall go away after you fall into my trance.

  50. Light777 says:

    Wax on, wax off…

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