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100 Movies for Boys

The first movie appeared just a few years before the first issue of Boys’ Life. Since then, there have been a lot of great ones. Here are 100 movies that every guy should see. (Some suggestions will require parental guidance.)

Comments about “100 Movies for Boys”

  1. Mommydear says:

    How is The Sandlot not on here?????

  2. YOLO says:

    All these movies rock! Watch them all!

  3. Mace says:

    Try the Lone Ranger and the Percy Jackson movies

  4. DSNYMN says:

    What about Aladdin? Jasmine may be a princess, but Aladdin is actually geared more at boys.

  5. RT says:

    How about “My Side of the Mountain?

  6. Writer8) says:

    I’ve seen 52

  7. cool 13 says:

    good movie

  8. Sniper says:

    why don’t they have Jaws

  9. a boys dad says:

    I’ve seen exactly 50.

  10. SR107 says:

    I’ve seen 27

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