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Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars

Comments about “Star Wars”

  1. #starwarsnoob says:

    join me and together we will rule the galaxy

  2. Han Solo says:

    Greatest movie of all time!!!!!!!!! A must see!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jedi Bob says:

    Got to love Ep. III! Greatly, your power has increased since last we met.-Yoda

  4. Idono says:

    I can’t wait until episode 7

  5. Dono says:

    I hate episode 3,

  6. Dono says:

    Batteldroids and nute gunray rock,

  7. Logic Lover says:


  8. lolo says:

    I don’t paticulerly like star wars

  9. C-3PO says:

    star wars lol!!!!!! if you watch this movie over and over again you’ll realize that it is just plain funny.

  10. C.K says:

    I like Star Wars because they fight with cool lightsabers

  11. scorch says:

    competed all of repblic commando in 2 days

  12. starwars boy scout says:

    i have the whole saga!

  13. gunslinger says:

    episode 3 best episode ever you have to watch it

  14. zoomer says:

    love it so much i would wach it all the time and never get bored!!!!!

  15. matt cool says:

    a long time ago in a galaxy far far away….STAR WARS

  16. sparta!!!!!!! says:

    Best Star Wars songs are the epic ones like duel of the fates.I got like 87 of em’ on my iPod.

  17. teeto301 says:

    I like the newer ones. Ep.111 Ep.1 Ep.ll

  18. Holey Wokamolle says:

    cooler than ice cream cake!!!

  19. Klone Trooper Kid says:

    A really great movie!Luv it!!!

  20. Nerd says:

    Star Wars also has the best music. (In my opinion yes. AFI also says so!)

  21. obi - don- cannoli says:

    mandalorians rock ! “But I was going to the Toche Station to pick up some power converters!”, Luke.

  22. noble 6 says:

    nobody cares if you upset a droid

  23. dr.zobos says:


  24. Vaderman says:

    Luke, join me, and together we will rule the galaxy!

  25. the Chosen One says:

    Watch or do not watch there is no Better Movie!!!

  26. storm eyes says:

    Star Wars! One of the best movies ever!

  27. Tall says:

    The best movie in the galaxy!

  28. MOONMAN200 says:

    LOV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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