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100 Movies for Boys

The first movie appeared just a few years before the first issue of Boys’ Life. Since then, there have been a lot of great ones. Here are 100 movies that every guy should see. (Some suggestions will require parental guidance.)

Comments about “100 Movies for Boys”

  1. Buddy says:

    I have seen 27 of them

  2. 255 ninja says:

    It’s amazing that they don’t have lord of the flies on there. probably because it’s a really graphic movie, but it teaches about leadership. YAY 1ST CLASS

  3. dan de man says:

    They should have The Magnificent Seven on there.

  4. mustang 54 says:

    thats pretty awsome how there is 100 movies for boys (there is probly more but it couldent fit them all)

  5. drmbear says:

    “Secondhand Lions” is probably the best “Movie for Boys” I’ve ever seen. It NEEDS to be on a list like this!!

  6. mariomaster says:

    I recently whatched fantasia, making my list of these movies I whatched to 30.

  7. DinoScout says:

    The new Tron movie is awesome :)

  8. person says:

    I have seen all of them :) }:)

  9. Mr. johns says:

    Glad to see October Sky on here. It’s a good film, but it gets old when you have to see it EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL YEAR.

    • DinoScout says:

      Guardians of Gahoole movie is the best!!! But not on the list :(
      The Harry Potter movies MUST be added :D

      My dad says Goonies would have been good to see too

  10. pedro says:

    NONE of HARRY POTTER is on there write back and 1 if u agree that they should be added

  11. Webelos 34 says:


  12. la_ movie9.._ says:

    Ive seen 28 movies on the list

  13. Luigiguy says:

    Yeah Back to the Future!!!! I love that Movie though I don’t have it on DvD :-(

  14. silver lily says:

    I can’t believe the lion the witch and the wardrobe isn’t on the list!

  15. geek 101 says:

    heard of most but only seen 36

    but really! chicken run?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think Sandlot should be on the list too – before some of the others

  17. WEBELOS 34 says:

    I’VE ONLY SEEN 19 :0

  18. MovieFreak says:

    I’ve seen 79 of them. I wouldn’t have put some of those there, but I was still glad to see some stuff like Duck Soup and Dead Poet’s Society.

  19. yuiop says:

    ive seen 37 of them, but WHY isn’t master of disguise on there? it’s awesome.

  20. Thorpower1337 says:

    Seen exactly 60 i beleive,and Im very young

  21. movie 343 says:

    two thumbs up for lord of the rings

  22. jere says:

    i have seen 78 wow:)

  23. J.R. says:

    i’ve seen 32

  24. 12y says:

    I’ve seen 36.

  25. mariomaster says:

    Seriously consider whatching holes or the iron giant. Both of those movies are hilarious and heartwarming.

  26. smoredog says:

    i love thirty seconds over tokyo

  27. 12y says:

    Actually 38

  28. 12y says:

    I’ve seen 37.

  29. DsCr@zY says:

    I’ve seen almost 16 of them that means i’ve seen: Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, Toy Story, Star Wars, Swiss Family Robinson, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, James and the Jiant Peach, How to Train your Dragon, Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Chicken Run, Chitty chitty bang bang, Brian’s Song, A bug’s life, and part of The Rocketeer.

  30. Boyslife fan says:

    Follow Me Boys is one of the best movies on that list! Two Thumbs Up!

  31. Druidboy says:

    33, I have heard of most of these movies, all of which are great. But only 33 all the way through…. something else to do in the summer :P

  32. Cheetah Boy says:

    Seen 28 of them

  33. Gunner says:

    My Dad said the Mighty Ducks is a great movie.

  34. Elli poo says:

    I also like star wars. It is really good.

  35. Elli poo says:

    I like the wizard of oz. I think you should see it.

  36. jonbuddy1 says:

    Seen 44 of them, know (and seen bits of) most of the others. I own a surprising amount too!

  37. Chum says:

    Why is Avatar on this list?

  38. coolman555 says:

    Lord of the rings is awesome.

  39. JediNurse says:

    I’ve actually seen 77 of these films…and a Majority of those are in my personal collection as well! All of these have really great stories and messages behind them and when the time comes, I look forward to sharing them with my children as well!!

  40. b.o. slogbottom says:

    Up should be on the list.

  41. bob says:

    I’ve seen 16

  42. Moonman says:

    I’ve seen only 11 or 12 of them but I have heard of most of them. BTW, which Star Wars movie are they talking about,all of them of some of them

  43. astro boy says:

    Why not the Yogi Bear Movie?

  44. hoho says:

    ive seen all
    there are good

  45. Jesus Freak says:

    How to Train YOur Dragon is beast.

  46. Wackodude says:

    They also, If possible, ought to do 100 Music Albums…

  47. Eragonguy says:

    Wow…I have seen like none of those (about 5 or 10)

  48. Cool Dude Brown says:

    seen 34 of them

  49. Na-Na says:

    I have seen 60 of them!

  50. J freek says:

    seen almost all of ‘em. There really are some great movies in there.

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