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How to Do Yo-Yo Tricks

Venturer Alex Curfman, now 20, is a yo-yo expert. He practices 10 or more hours a week and has excelled at tournaments. At the 2009 World Yo-Yo Championships, he broke the record for the longest Shoot the Moon, a complicated looping trick.

Here are some step-by-step instructions from Alex on how to do five yo-yo tricks. Take a look, and then check out the July 2011 issue of Boys’ Life magazine to find out more.


1. Hold the yo-yo in your hand, palm up, with the string wrapping over the top of the yo-yo.

2. Bend your elbow with the yo-yo near your ear, elbow pointing forward.

3. Unbend your arm and roll the yo-yo off the tips of your fingers. Snapping your wrist creates more spin.

4. Let the yo-yo reach the end of the string and pause for a few seconds, then with a tug, return the yo-yo to your hand.


1. Throw a sleeper. With your opposite hand, pinch the string midway down the string and raise your opposite hand.

2. Pinch the string with your throw hand a few inches above the yo-yo.

3. Bring your throw hand back above your opposite hand, spreading the fingers of your opposite hand to form a triangle with the string.

4. Swing the yo-yo back and forth inside the triangle.


1. Hold the yo-yo the same way you would to perform a sleeper, but point your elbow to the side of your body.

2. Throw the yo-yo straight out to the side.

3. Let the yo-yo swing down in front of your body and up to the opposite shoulder.

4. Return the yo-yo to your hand.


1. Throw a sleeper.

2. Place your opposite index finger against the string between you and the string.

3. Push your index finger away from you while you move your throw hand between you and your other hand.

4. Bring your throw hand under and then in front of the yo-yo, threading the string into the gap of the yo-yo.

5. Perform a somersault with the yo-yo by pushing your throw hand into the strings and pulling down with your opposite hand. Repeat three or more times.

6. Return the yo-yo to a sleeper, then back to your hand.


1. Throw a breakaway.

2. As the yo-yo passes in front of your body, place your opposite index finger on top of the string as close to the yo-yo as possible.

3. Allow the yo-yo to loop around your finger and land on the string underneath it.

5. Pull your extended finger out of the string and return the yo-yo to your hand.

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  1. metaldrifter says:

    duncan metal drifter does not even do the trapeze.

  2. matt says:


  3. yoyojam says:

    why does my yoyo come up even when i dont tug it up

  4. Kylito says:

    That is cool, I wish I could do that.

  5. RICHAAARGH says:

    If the yoyo isnt more than $15.00, then dont buy it. Those cheapo yoyos cant even do the simplest sleeper.

  6. RICHAAARGH says:

    To: everyone that cant do even a sleeper.

    Dont get yoyos from wallgreens! Get a duncan metal drifter or a dark magic 2 or any other butterfly yoyos that has metal things on the side.

  7. HAKUBALUGA says:

    I just bought a Duncan ProYo. Works great for a begginer like me!

  8. Skate 14 says:

    I use a yomega saber raider

  9. Skate 14 says:

    I once got a yoyo from wall greens and it did not work at all

  10. skate 14 says:

    My favorite yoyo is the yomega brain it works so well

  11. gutar man says:

    i konw how to do all of them ther 2 esey

  12. yoyo master says:

    i can do that p.s sonic boom Yo-Yos are the best!!!

  13. yoyo master says:


  14. M*A*S*H4077 says:

    haha! this dude goes to my church! he taght me how to do some of that stuff personally last summer!

  15. duncanyoyokid says:

    im practiceing looping with a peter fish dominater yoyo

  16. big D says:

    He should go on AGT!

  17. thepainguin says:

    how does the yoyo come back up even though it looks like it stopped spinning? i did that and it wouldnt come back up it was stopped

  18. tj says:


  19. CRAZY DUDE says:

    Is there any place where you can get a yo-yo???? Please someone answer!!!!!!!

    • yoyoRN says:

      I have been throwing yoyo’s since I was a cub (a very long time ago now). The best places to get yoyo’s is online, you have to wait to get it in the mail, but it’s worth it. The best starter yoyo I can think of is a “YOYOfactory velocity.” With it’s adjustable gap, you will go from up and down to spinning “brain twisters” and “buddah’s revenge” like a pro with some practice. Start out with the sleeper, getting it to sleep for 30-60 seconds and you can do nearly any trick.

      • EdGrimly says:

        Major Tip: But a Yoyo with a ball bearing or some sort of floating axle system. Expect to pay over $7 for anything. The cheepo Duncan ($3) or dollar store Yoyos do NOT work well and you WILL be frustrated. Plan on spending $20 or more and you will be set and hooked for LIFE.
        Personally I love the Custom brand Axl or Chain Reactor Yoyos. They are lifetime Yoyos unless someone steals yours…

      • duncanyoyokid says:

        no the BEST beginner yoyo is a duncan avenger you can get one for 10.00 dollars

    • duncanyoyokid says:

      you can get a yoyo at toys r us

    • yoyo dude says:


    • CRAZY DUDE says:

      Thanks guys,but I’m finaly getting a DUNCAN YO-YO off the internet called the FLYING SQUIRREL,it’s a BALL-BEARING AXLE YO-YO for only $10.95

      • gallifrey2000 says:

        dude, the duncan yo-yos are only good if they are over, like, $40 dollars. Get C3, yoyofactory, or yoyojam stuff. wait to get better yo-yos until you advance

  20. gooner3 says:

    it all started when we had a program at school for a guy called dazzling dave i bought a yo yo from him a few months later we had to move so we put stuff in storage a litte bit later i was digging around and found it i messed with it for a little bit and i was hooked

  21. gooner3 says:

    im a yo yo pro thats a piece of cake

  22. zjar says:

    Where do you get the yo yo at?

    • RICHAAARGH says:

      You can get a yoyo at a lot of places. The yoyos I have gotten were from wallgreens (those yoyos are not very good) but I got the Duncan Metal Drifter from Toys R Us, and it is a very good and responsive yoyo, and it also sleeps alot longer. I got it for $25.99.

  23. wow2 says:

    I haven’t tryed it so tomorow I’m gonna get a yo-yo and try it

  24. walrus347 says:

    i think i need a better yoyo to do all those tricks.XD with a better yoyo those tricks would be a piece of cake (>’o’)>

  25. damion says:

    he’s cool!!!!!!!!!

  26. dopey says:

    Where did you get the yo yo?

    • RICHAAARGH says:

      I dont know much about the yoyo he uses, but the best one I found is the Duncan Metal Drifter. Its for sale at Toys R Us.

  27. yo yo king says:

    those trics are so easy

  28. white says:

    boooo!!!!! i cant do this!!!! >:(

  29. tony says:

    Nice he’s pretty good. I learned those tricks earlier and this helped clear them up, especially brain twister. Moving on to stuff like split the atom now. Maybe post video on atomic bomb (barrel rolls) that’d be cool.

  30. snake says:

    where dues he get those yo-yo’s?

  31. you5eff says:

    That is cool

  32. Anonymous says:

    They take a bit of practice but get easier after you try them for a bit.

  33. yoyomaster says:

    100% Awesomeness

  34. mk dawg says:

    i am a yoyo fanatic who lives in california. i use a yoyofactory northstar, skyline, die nasty, popstar, and genesis. my favorite thing to do is freestyle from white buddah. i will be bridging to boyscouts in a couple months. i like your 3a!

  35. o says:

    I cant do the sleeper!

  36. boyslife rocks says:

    wow i have never seen tricks like that before

  37. tomato98 says:

    i cant yoyo at all so these videos seem even cooler

  38. hf,ygl says:

    i can do those tricks easy

  39. Mike says:

    Sweet, I too yoyo profesionally, and it’s great to see yoyoing geting this kind of coverage.

  40. Da B says:

    i love doing these tricks on a yo yo

  41. den7leader says:

    That was really cool…..I loved watching the vidoes with my son!

  42. bob says:

    that was awsome!

  43. mikeyboy says:

    best yo-yo tricks!

  44. auqaubreather says:

    wow that dude has talent.I’m gonna be just like him unless I don’t get my eye poked out by the yo-yo.

  45. your worst nightmare says:

    how come i can not do that?

  46. ducttapeboy says:


  47. Reshiram says:


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