100 amazing Pinewood Derby car photos of 2011

Pinewood Derby car

Pinewood Derby car

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  1. marsmalo says:

    I like that pinewood car because it is so good I like the spike thing in the back and every thing that you put on it.

  2. maddog says:

    did it win

  3. Nitro Dan says:

    Car weighed in at around 10 grams of wood weight. We started with a very light block (less than 90 grams) and glued a layer of 1/8″ hobby plywood to the bottom of the car before cutting it out. This strengthend the car so it would not break. We used tungsten weights to get it up to the full 5 oz.

  4. krazy kid says:

    great design!!!! how much did it weigh!?!?

  5. Chuck Norris says:

    You can say that again.It`s amazing

  6. The thinster says:

    Amazing how it didn’t break

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