100 amazing Pinewood Derby car photos of 2011

Pinewood Derby car

Pinewood Derby car

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  1. PMP says:

    That’s just awesome

  2. jets guy 2 says:

    sweat car

  3. me guy says:

    that car is the most coolest car ever

  4. peeweerocks7539 says:

    Awesome Car

  5. Joe Kool says:

    i know what it is, a Late ’50s corvette!

  6. DR. NOOB says:

    Is it fast?

  7. lando-man says:

    its not real!!!

  8. going to win my pinew d says:

    its realy cool when i saw it i wanted to make it but my dad said no

  9. Unknown says:

    Can you race with those wheels?

  10. dutchie says:

    are those wheels legal?

  11. rj says:

    how did you paint the tires.

    • pw_derby_dad says:

      Painting wheels is easy. Chuck ‘em up in a variable speed drill. Steady hand with the brush and slow speed.

  12. porker says:

    How did you make that so cool looking?

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