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100 amazing Pinewood Derby car photos of 2011

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  1. meep says:

    i like the 1 that says tiger

  2. butt says:

    love the R2-D2 car this year I did a Alabama car

  3. z-man says:


  4. Grant_X says:

    Great job on the cars Parents!

  5. crazygui says:


  6. mr. greenbacks says:

    grate, i like the R2-D2 one best

  7. DR. NOOB says:

    I like them all

  8. Joe Mama says:

    I love the Star Wars related ones.

  9. i like pie says:


  10. ninja go says:

    any1 else goin to make a lego ninjago car this year

  11. BSA 584 says:

    I agree some of them look like they don’t go fast but are built for style>

  12. hi says:

    cool cars but I dont think they all our fast.

  13. no test says:

    I like the Iphone one.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think someone should make a U.S. tank with the same detells as the Germen tank.
    P.S. I couldn’t.

  15. hotrod says:

    people are creative

  16. carpenter confession says:

    Yes, unfortunately we parents get too involved in the sport of pinewood. Maybe it is our own past failures as young scouts within this event that drives us to build exotics for our own children. My Pa never had a workshop, power tools, etc.. Besides, If the kids are going to win, the parents need to help …”ALOT”.
    I look at like this… The ultimate Championship reward is HEAVEN.. only God our father can get us there . …. I love seeing the kids win.

  17. mohawk says:

    The green truck with the mowhak was made and designed by my 8 year old son. His dad helped him cut it and he did the rest and won 2nd place and best in show. So yes some kids are capable of doing these cars themselves.

  18. Cheese says:

    Love the sandwhich

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. cubdad says:

    A cub can learn by involvement in the building process, how to use tools, techniques, apply finishes, safety measures etc. I wouldn’t want my son to try using power tools or spraying paints without first knowing how to do it and wear a proper mask. A parents involvement also allows for the interaction to help build something together that he can be proud of and learn from. Isn’t that what the intent of the Derby is?

    • Jaggedlove says:

      The intent of the Derby is involvement with your child teaching the child about all the safety involved the construction, rule & common application this knowledge in everyday life.

  21. Cool carz says:

    I wish my car is on this site. I made cheese car with lots of holes and a toy mouse. It is so funny.

  22. dr. mitchell says:

    These are some really good ideas, but they are WAY too complicated for the cubs to do. Other than that , they are AWSOME designs and extremely creative.

  23. Sonic the Hedgehog says:

    I love the idea, but we can’t find any pictures of him. We saw a few the other day, but now we cant find it.

  24. Derby Mom says:

    My 11 years old girl scout daughter made the subway sandwich car. She did 95% of the work. She learned by watching me making her brother car. Kids learn from their parent.

  25. supercar says:

    a-w-s-o-m-e :)

  26. morgiemoo says:

    man i love the high heel car who ever made that is awsome

  27. hic says:

    Thay look rilley cool, but there defintaly made pros

  28. mynameisawesome says:

    u will not beleve wat my design is… A PACKAGE OF GUM!!!!! if u no hoo i am, u wood really no that i wood do that for a car.

  29. kingguyquick31 says:

    pretty awesome

  30. sonic says:

    What do you all think of Sonic the Hedgehog?

  31. Gramps says:

    Parents probably made these cars but they are realy cool.

  32. yebveurbv says:


  33. deer says:

    I like the eyeball and shoe one:)

  34. Yo-yo Ma says:

    There all really cool but they look like parents that are carpenters made them.

  35. happy go lucky 3249 says:

    the cars are cool but i bet that they were originally made by the parents of the kid and the kids just bring them to show them off

  36. Wiidude says:

    I like the bullit one the best!

  37. Game Masta a.k.a.1 4m 4w30m3 says:

    iReally like all the designs,but now all the good ideas are taken.

  38. koolskool says:

    These are great. This will be our first year in the scouts and I am feeling just a bit intimidated!

  39. legokid007 says:

    i bet all of these cars are either store-bought or made by parents

  40. Cookie Monster says:


  41. bob says:


  42. :) says:

    i agree 2 these couldnt have been made by 7-10 year old boys the parents had to help them

  43. kingguyquick31 says:

    This years cars are way better than last years but I think the adults made them with no help from the boys though last years were still really good.

  44. webelosleader says:

    Yep, a lot of parents beautiful jobs.

  45. Scouter Mom says:

    As a Cubmaster, I have to agree. I would rather see less “art” and instead see the smiles of accomplishment on the boys faces when they have there car completed. The PD was never suppose to be about the accomplishment of the parents.

  46. oneof100 says:

    There are maybe 10 of these cars that could possibly meet standard derby regulations and maybe of those, 5-7 were made by actual scouts and not their parents. While the art is lovely, it’s about the boys learning how to compete in a healthy and mature manner and how to work with basic tools to gain basic skills… too much leader involvement here. Never the less….amazing works of art.

  47. denmom says:

    Did the kids make these? We would rather see the kids make them.

  48. BJacques says:

    These are great… but how many were really created primarily by the boys?

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