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How to draw a cat

Grab a pencil (NOT a pen!) and let’s draw a cat! Here’s how.

Step 1: Draw a small circle for the cat’s head. Then add a larger circle below it and a larger one still below that for the cat’s body.


Step 2: Join the circles together with a smooth, curving line for the cat’s neck and back on the right-hand side and another on the left for its neck.


Step 3: Erase the overlapping lines inside the cat’s body. To draw the first front leg, add an oval overlapping the cat’s body and another smaller oval below that. Draw a smooth line around the ovals for the outline of the leg.


Step 4: Erase the overlapping lines in the cat’s leg and the line on its chest. Add the cat’s other front leg by drawing a line from the cat’s chest around the first leg. Now draw an oval overlapping the cat’s front leg and bottom for the back paw.


Step 5: Add the cat’s face and ears, copying the shapes shown here as closely as possible. Erase any unnecessary lines so you are left with a complete cat shape.


Step 6: Draw long smooth lines coming from the nose for the cat’s whiskers. Add a curving tail and erase a small section of the outline where it joins the body. Add some wiggly fur lines on the chest and ears.


That’s it! When you’re done, why not scan or take a photo of your masterpiece and send it to us. Submit your drawing here.

Get this drawing project and many more in “How to Draw Animals” by Michael Garton. (Michael O’Mara Books, $14.99 softcover. Ages 6 and up.)

Comments about “How to draw a cat”

  1. bamboo 47 says:

    Draw lightly, then darken.

  2. bamboo 47 says:

    Very good turnout-although I would draw lightly and then darken when done.

  3. rlb says:

    Mine looks like a cow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    needs more details though

  5. Cat lover 123 says:

    I’m still drawing it but I almost done by the way I like it

  6. webro says:

    I loved it

  7. logy says:

    wow! i can not do it.

  8. wenbo says:

    it lookd great

  9. da man says:

    at the beginning it looks like a slanted snowman:)

  10. Discodude16 says:

    Yay second comment. Lookes like the steps don’t work at first,then does

  11. I love cars says:

    i had no idea that a catwas so ez to make

  12. g.t.y says:

    Cats start from circles??!!??!!!!

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