50 incredible Pinewood Derby cars of 2012

Pinewood Derby car

Pinewood Derby car

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  1. sponge bob says:

    i like the lights

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome car!

  3. audog says:

    car+awsome=your car

  4. Anonymous says:

    … wow … light swag.

  5. sharkman says:

    nice tires and engine

  6. fred says:

    How did you get the lights on that awesome car? My son and I love it.

  7. I'm new says:

    woah :o

  8. JJ says:

    That car is so awsome because of so many reasons.One because of the underlight underneath the car.Two because it has a spoiler.Three because it has a mohawk.Four because the engine is sticking up out from the front of the car.It just looks so cool.

  9. brock says:

    what place did it win?

  10. bn says:

    nice car.

  11. jackson says:

    Wow so awsome I wish I was a cubscout again (I’m a boyscout) nice work!

  12. loganberry says:

    cool awsome no words to explain this awsome car

  13. loganberry says:

    wow man that is super cool one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sarkies says:

    awesome lights and hair

  15. tiger cub says:

    How did you get the lights on that!!!!

  16. WWII guy says:

    How did you get those lights???!!!!

  17. tiger says:

    How did you get the lights on the car!!!!!!

  18. Duck says:

    Sweet ride.

  19. master cheif says:

    can i have it

  20. bobert says:

    this car is great guys you win that trophy you just go! you guys are probaly wondering what my name is i’m bobert the third

  21. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. Car. If. I. Had. Thought. Of. It. First. I. Would. Have. Named. It. Bulkhead

  22. Chris says:

    Amazing Car. How Did you get the lights on the bottom?

  23. Anthony says:

    It is very amazing

  24. Jason says:

    Awesome car

  25. Anonymous says:

    This one is amazing, how did you get the lights on there!!!!!

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