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50 incredible Pinewood Derby cars of 2012

Looking for some new pinewood derby car design ideas? readers have sent us photos of some incredible pinewood derby cars. Take a look at some of our favorites sent to us in 2012, and then send us a picture of your pinewood derby car.

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Comments about “50 incredible Pinewood Derby cars of 2012”

  1. Larry says:

    My son has some pretty cool derby cars from the past couple of years How does he get them up here

  2. mr. awesome says:

    the knot one is amazing! they must have whittled that. that would win judges pick for sure!!

  3. raven says:

    got to love the stapler!! :)

  4. denleader says:

    I think any time a Cub Scout and his parent work together is valuable. Of course it’s better if a Cub does most of the work. I’m not going to disqualify a kid’s car because his dad helped too much. For some of these kids, the pinewood derby is one of the few events that the parents bother getting involved with.

  5. A-Man310 says:

    I made a Perry the platypus one, with a hat!

  6. CreeperWaltzer67 says:

    The minecraft one is amazing. Very detailed.

  7. AWSOMESS says:

    All of them are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. HOB says:

    To much detail I won 5 years in a row

  9. HR Puffinstuff says:

    Maybe there should be a race for the Parents? Let the Scouts make their own cars.

  10. xlr8784 says:


  11. R2d2 says:

    Awesome cars!

  12. logan says:

    awesome cars i like the stapler one

  13. pinewood fan says:

    These cars are too detailed to be from a cub scouts hands. Did they change the rules? When I was a kid, the kids were required to do most, I’d not ALL of the work on their cars. Cars like these would have been disqualified for too much adult participation. Why not let the adults have their own race, but let the kids built their own cars for crying out loud. Building and racing my car was a memorable experience. All these kids will remember is “look at the car my dad built for me”

  14. No name says:

    I would like one that the parents only helped 5% with.

  15. Who am i??? says:


  16. Dgshxbshwhsq says:

    I like the minecraft one

  17. marrs says:

    thought it was for the boys to make not parents misunderstood i guess.

  18. dragonslayer101 says:


  19. bill says:

    Cool. <(")

  20. Videogame says:

    These are probably the coolest things i have ever seen. This is halarious. I especialy liked the minecraft one, thumbs up.

  21. J-Man says:


  22. tranboy says:

    ; ANGRY BIRDS ;!

  23. LL blu jay says:

    Epic cars from every one nice!

  24. LL blue jay says:

    Awesome cars a lot of work put in to it nice job!?

  25. syco43 says:


  26. Acid Dragoon 500 says:


  27. Tja says:


  28. me says:

    i wish i made one of these
    Peace Yo

  29. captain obvious says:

    these are so cool!

  30. unicorns and sparkles are cool says:

    luv the unicorn <3

  31. bobo12544 says:

    they are so awsome

  32. blake says:

    I think those cars look great.

  33. billy bob says:

    I like how the Minecraft car was made!!! ^ l ^

  34. Ty says:

    wow – I thought only the kids were to make these – looks like a lot of parent help!(?)

  35. spid tot says:

    mine craft awesome but angry bird better than awesome

  36. btp1720 says:

    These cars are amazing

  37. CubMom says:

    Troops in our area have begun doing “Outlaw” / “Parent” races so the parents can race against each other. This year, the winning parent car will race the winning scout car, too. It would be nice it see the cars get back to the kids doing the bulk of the project, not the parents. Although the above cars are awesome, I’m pretty sure kids didn’t make them! =)

  38. jedi5577 says:

    they are awsome!!!! i love the mindcraft one!!!!!!!

  39. niba says:

    these are totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. tigertug8 says:

    i like the mine craft one

  41. cw says:

    I like all of them

  42. biostars says:

    Pinewood Derby is no longer cars and trucks, now it’s staplers, birds, heads and just about everything else!

  43. coolguy says:

    awesome super cool

  44. Yes says:

    Aren’t the boys supposed to make their cars??

  45. Jaw_zilla says:

    me likes!

  46. AKB722 says:

    These cars are remarkable

  47. Sweepsblue says:

    They are all awesome !!! Everyone did a great job !!!

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