100 cool Pinewood Derby car photos of 2010

Pinewood Derby car

Pinewood Derby car

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  1. kaitlynn says:

    i love your car mine is going to be a pink crayon

  2. bubbles says:

    that is a amazing car i am going to try the idea

  3. What Does The Fox Say 16 says:

    Nice! They even used real crayons!

  4. jerymo says:

    Yup I built it it’s kinda hard but I think mine turned out good

    • Steve582 says:

      Jermo, how did you build this car? Did you cut the opening for the crayons with a dremel or a router? Any helpful tips or advice would be appreciated.

  5. Nice says:

    That’s a nice car

  6. ww2 rules says:

    those real crayons?

  7. facekat says:

    could i please have a gold one???

  8. Awesomeo says:

    Where’s the Markers?

  9. fhfdg says:


  10. jerymo says:

    this is a sweat car my dad and i are making one just like it. its not that hard to make it if u have the right tools.

  11. Bob says:

    Are Those Real Craons?

  12. Cons says:

    That car is so cool and creative! How did you ever think of that?

  13. preston says:

    How didyou come up with that

  14. SassyGirl says:

    that is cool

  15. skittles says:

    haha cool :D are real crayons allowed as weights?

  16. Crayons says:


  17. Fan of Super Mario Bros. 3 says:


  18. you dont need to know my name says:

    omg that is sooo cool. how did u get it to be hollow? my favorite car. ;)

  19. Moo says:

    OMG this car is da bomb!!! i LOVE IT! ima use it if u dont mind!!! WOW!!!! :)

  20. clo clo says:

    my sister already made it but yours is clever

  21. pi man says:

    i wish my car was
    that good

  22. Gamer Guru says:

    It rocks!!!!!!!! :)

  23. AJ says:

    This is really nice. Great job!!

  24. Rocky says:

    It’s realy creative.

  25. Bubbleboy says:


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