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100 cool Pinewood Derby car photos of 2010

Need pinewood derby design ideas? readers have sent us photos of some amazing pinewood derby cars. Take a look at some of our favorites from 2010, and then send us a picture of your pinewood derby car.

More pinewood derby fun:

10 Comments on 100 cool Pinewood Derby car photos of 2010

  1. I know somebody who made a Wiimote car. the liscence plate said Wiibelos. I’ve made a TV remote control (taking apart a remote to help design) a Hershey bar (with the wrapper as a stencil) , and a cell phone! I went to a district race and there were lots of Lightning McQueen cars (moral of this sentence: DONT MAKE A LIGHTNING MCQEEN CAR! IT IS NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL!).

  2. I liked the limo/hotub one

  3. i want to know how to mack the one with the trailer


  5. i made one that had an imperial star destroyer from starc wars

  6. i think they are very cool and i wish that i am a relly good artist

  7. the Wii remote car was funny

  8. those are awesome!!!

  9. Well i won twice in a row no one even got a tie with me.
    But then i want to let some one else win so i built a show car
    a mini cooper

  10. 11,15,30and37 are good

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