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100 cool Pinewood Derby car photos of 2010

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  1. willo says:

    these are very very very very very very creative

  2. epick dude1 says:

    people realy used a wii remote. Cool!!!

  3. big red35 says:

    i think i will roll with Gieco car

  4. Taemin321 says:

    The wii remote is awsome!!!!!!!Iwonder if they make PSP derby!?!?

  5. rainstar220 says:

    you should make a sword car

  6. terminator says:


  7. Fire hawk 1 says:

    I like the egg to

  8. superkid says:

    20 is totally in no chance fake

  9. Cool kidd says:

    sic oreo car

  10. Cool kidd says:

    hershey bar kid, i totally want to eat it

  11. Cool kidd says:

    no way tupper360 the best is the swiss army knife

  12. starscout6 says:

    someone should have made a runescape one!!!!

  13. tripleshawn says:

    I wish thy made a DX car…..

  14. jrenize says:


  15. BOB says:

    The Speed Racer one isn’t even a Pinewood Derby Car. It’s LEGO. I should know because I have the set that the car comes in.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Pretty Awesome Cars! Hope these people won their races!

  17. Hunter says:

    So Cool!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    i like the egg pinewood dery car i like them all

  19. ponh says:

    cool egg pinewood derby car i like them all

  20. Qwerty says:

    I love the wii remote.

  21. 12345678910q says:

    i love pikachu.wonder if it’s gonna zap the cars to win a race!

  22. goof says:


  23. jakaman144 says:

    ther all asome

  24. pinewoodderby 2345 says:

    i can make a fstr car thn those!!!

  25. pinewoodderby 2345 says:

    no one made a ftbll team one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ssddffgg says:

    it doesn’t lk like any one of them is likely to win! OMG!!!

  27. shorty says:

    prety cool i want 1

  28. swimmer123 says:

    I love your ideas! who ever made the hot dog one stole my idea.

  29. cheese says:

    parents did the cars

  30. cokefan says:

    no one has any cars with coke on them :( I will make one

  31. Will-I-Am says:

    the wii car was stollen! i made that car.but all the other cars are really cool i like the hershey bar!Hey the one that made the ehggs car REMEMBER THE BACON!!!!!!!!!

  32. asome dude 108 says:

    I like the jet army car the best

  33. B-Money says:

    I like #11.

  34. wolfcubmom says:

    While these are all really creative I find it hard to believe that they were done by cub/boy scouts. It’s unfortunate that some parents can’t let the children enjoy finishing a task on their own that is their own.

    • Anonymous says:

      i understand that it is there task but it is also nice to se some parental involement also.I ALSO AGREE THAT SOME ARE OVER THE TOP.

  35. gamekid13 says:

    wow…lot of batmobiles…

  36. willowfreak45 says:

    i like the spongebob car the best

  37. bear says:

    I love the wii-mote!

  38. Bob says:

    The sled is cool I like it

  39. wako says:

    I love the wii remote.

  40. joe911 says:

    the wii controler is cool

  41. joe says:

    wii controller, hershey bar, square knot and mariokart were my faves

  42. cowboy says:


  43. Buddy says:

    The person who made that Titanic stole my idea.

  44. killer says:

    my fav is the eggs and the tank

  45. says:

    one of number 90 isnt real

  46. legoboy2 says:

    All the ones with lego minifigs are awesome.

  47. ?Unknown? says:

    my favorite car is the truck and trailer. no.28

  48. ripjaw says:

    the star wars is awesome

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