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100 cool Pinewood Derby car photos of 2010

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  1. 22532 says:

    Love the swiss army knife…… and the hershey’s bar is making me hungry :)

  2. sk8erboy21 says:

    the superman one is amazing

  3. ctc10 says:

    i like the mouse and cheese one

  4. jerymo says:

    I like the crayola car its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going to make one like it for my pinewood derby race and win the coolest looking car!!!

  5. novice says:

    the dads really built some beautiful cars. any pages that show some of the kids cars?
    i wonder if the kids were even aloud to touch the cars shown here. hopefully they were aloud to watch there dads efforts.

  6. dad says:

    I think the dads did graet. But I think ill let my kid make one on his own

  7. puppyluv says:

    i really like the wii romote!!!! but it looks REALLY hard to make how did they make it?!?!
    i want to make one for MY derby race!!! :) ;)

  8. bridgex says:

    the pocketknife is so cool

  9. Random LOTR fanatic says:

    gotta have taken a LOT of work. Nice ideas! I like ‘em all! (somebody should do a pedro car, though…)

  10. please do not use your real name says:

    love them all

  11. bubby says:

    i am doing a double decker bus for my pinewood derby i love the cars id ont know which one my favorite is

  12. awsomely cool says:

    the hershey bar is off the hook

  13. toothless says:

    cool cars

  14. mario says:

    i liked the tank. it was so realistic.

    i liked the army tank it was so realistic. the paint design realy made it come to life.

  15. firebro says:

    i love all but if i had to pick it would be pikachu

  16. Hedley1256 says:

    The Army tank is cool :)

  17. poke'manic says:

    pikachu and turtwig are my favorites.

  18. morgiemoo says:

    man these cars are so cool

  19. char says:

    love the wii mote.

  20. mchahnalds says:

    money one is AWESOME!!! :)

  21. jj jj says:

    it works!

  22. Tiger Cub says:

    I like the shark. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  23. neptunejag says:

    i love the army tank.I wonder how long it took to make it

  24. j j jouju says:


  25. jake says:

    these are awsome cars but I want plane cars.

  26. LOLman says:

    Does ANYBODY know what the car is next to the Orca???

  27. LOLman says:

    Titanic, XD

  28. clecle02 says:


  29. Mcain72 says:

    I like the bowling one. I wonder if it struck 1 place

  30. Anonymous says:

    i like the pikachu

  31. boyscout says:

    i made a limo one and i like the army tank

  32. Zach the Man says:

    I like the Batmobile :D

  33. blakeyblu says:

    I like the bowling lane

  34. 6010xz says:

    i think these should be put on display so everyone can see them.

  35. pinewoodman says:

    I like the skateboarding one! It’s pretty cool!

  36. 100 says:

    They are all cool. I like the full body Perry one.

  37. jd564 says:

    which is the fastest?

  38. thisguy80 says:

    the lego one is awesome!

  39. jb derby boy says:

    i really like all your cars but im looking for one to make and theyre all cool but i cannot pick one

  40. awesome says:

    it makes me hungry

    • 100 says:

      Witch ones make you hungry, the Oh Henry, cake, Hershey, eggs, hot dog, ice cream bar, cheese, watermelen, Twix peanut butter,

  41. boy says:

    super cars!

  42. jason says:

    i just got done looking at them and i like them all

  43. teeto301 says:

    Mine was a Army truck

  44. Anthony says:


  45. n8 says:

    i like the guitar.ROCK ON!!!!!

  46. supercar says:

    I like the vee dub.

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