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Animal track identification quiz

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  1. T-man says:

    Tey need to rearrange the the animal around tracks. But I got 800pts.

  2. Bob the Builder says:

    I got a LLAMA!

  3. power to the 2nd amendment says:

    my first try i got like 300 because we don’t have alot of those animals where i live. but who would mistake a horse track for a deer track? i mean anybody whose been around horse’s know they have 1 toe meaning one hoof without any breaks unless the edges have been chipped.

  4. scout637 says:

    i got a 800

  5. Tenthmountain tim says:

    Nice quiz! My score was 800.

  6. animal tracker says:

    thats is so cool. I only got 600

  7. NOBODY says:

    I got 400

  8. Max says:

    i made 700

  9. PatatoChip Dude says:

    Makit 600 :)

  10. PatatoChip Dude says:

    500, fair score :)

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. yo says:

    I GOT 300 :-(

  13. I M Cool says:

    600 not bad :~).

  14. licker says:

    I got 700 out of 800

  15. James says:

    600 600 600 600 600 600 600

    Can you see if you no what I got

  16. James says:

    I GOT A 1,000

  17. MattMan says:

    cool game………My dad said studying that animal tracking book would come in useful one day………

  18. Board Man says:

    Now I got 500 :) Not very good though to me! :)

  19. Board Man says:

    I only got 300 :(

  20. wda4ever says:

    800 cool game (pun intended)

  21. harrydaygo says:

    I got a 700. Not bad for a computer geek.

  22. Dragon says:

    600 points.

  23. 2bre99 says:

    400 pts.

  24. 2bre99 says:

    Cool Game

  25. A certain person says:

    I got the skunk question right! First try!

  26. teh runescape fanatic says:

    that was hard i got just a 400 outta 800 :( =P!!!

  27. bob says:

    I got 400!!! =)

  28. zogo says:

    i got and 800 yay

  29. JT says:

    I didn’t do well the first time, but did well on the second

  30. gary says:

    dang it looks like i need to now a little more about animals

  31. chunkey says:

    i got 1,2000,000

  32. DATHKILLA says:

    I GOT 700

  33. Huy Guy says:

    I got 800!

  34. Magoo says:

    I got 800 the first time and 600 the second!

  35. dude says:

    I got a 800 77 times I love this game. I also want to win the xbox really bad. I am very good at this game

  36. gkdhg says:

    800 5 times

  37. Wacco says:

    i got a 700

  38. frfihr says:

    i got 800 2 times

  39. corky says:

    it wasn’t easy 4 me :-(

  40. pescadito456 says:

    i got the same as spyscout123 and dig dog .

  41. kiddo says:

    i got 700 my first try then 800 my second

  42. mario and sonic are awesome says:

    very fun but could have more questions and be harder and even have colour

  43. jj says:

    it was easy and fun

  44. Clif says:

    It was fun because animals are cool

  45. zoom says:

    Check out the great book. It’s waterproof!!

  46. spyscout123 says:

    I got the same as dig dog!!!!!

  47. jokie man! says:

    i got 500!

  48. bakerson says:

    nice very educational :i got 800

  49. dig dog says:

    I GOT A 600!!!!

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