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Animal track identification quiz

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  1. GEAR MAN says:

    Fun quiz! I got everything right! No suprise, because I hunt and trap.

  2. donald says:


  3. Basecamper says:

    I grew up in the mountains so I had a good start on animal tracks.
    This was great fun! Many Thanks

  4. THOMAS says:


  5. THOMAS says:

    I GOT 500

  6. rowipo1 says:

    got 600 points

  7. buddy says:

    that test is wierd :mad:

  8. boy scout says:


  9. bunny26 says:

    i got the racoon right…

  10. buddy says:

    I guess i was okay but i don’t know why you guys are hootin’ over it … it’s just a test :/

  11. kool man 99 says:


  12. buddy says:

    I was awesome! :)

  13. FrostBite8 says:

    i didnt think id do good but i got 600

  14. FireBall Phoenix 2008 says:

    Some questions were too easy.

  15. bud says:

    I wasn’t so good at it;at all. :cry:

  16. yo-yo says:

    that was fun!!!

  17. joe joeI LL says:

    I like boylife I get boylife books I like the games and the storys in the books.

  18. scout man says:

    I got 600

  19. IWANNAFINDPEDRO!!! says:

    can someone tell me where pedro is?

  20. tin yun says:

    it was kind of hard but fun.

  21. tato says:

    cool game, good fpr learning

  22. knight51 says:

    Yeah, Seth80 i found him once,but now i can’t. Where is he?

  23. pitbull says:

    It was fun

  24. coolman says:

    8) Cool 8)

  25. chad says:

    hey seth80 will u please tell me were Pedro is i have been looking all day

  26. spirit101 says:

    I got a 800 out of 800

  27. 124733 says:

    Pretty interesting ,but hard.

  28. evvo says:

    i got 10 out of 10

  29. jifdhj says:

    i dont know alot about animals but i suprised my self and got 500

  30. chipmunk23 says:

    I 3 right. I know what the bobcat and coyote are from being a cub scout. There are also a lot of deer where I live, so I knew that one too.

  31. Coolio says:

    I got 7/8 correct. Missed the bobcat one. Whatever, I did better than I expected to do!

  32. Burkebrothers says:

    me and my brother got 500 out of 800.

  33. arronstone says:

    it was fun i got 800%

  34. lok says:

    i got 500 out of 800

  35. lolo says:

    it was not fun

  36. Pack21 dude says:

    I got half of it correct and great survival help plus good teaching.

  37. coolio12345 says:

    2nd time I got 600/800.Still wasn’t easy.

  38. coolio12345 says:

    I got 500/800. It really wasn’t easy doing the quiz.

  39. Toby says:

    I enjoyed trying. I can tell the difference between a cat’s paw and a dog’s. I got 600 out of 800 and I am excited! I liked the game!

  40. Mackdog says:

    I only got 100 out of 800

  41. james says:

    boyslife has great games

  42. pedro says:

    I only got 100):

  43. B.J. says:

    It was ok.

  44. redwall07859 says:

    cool test

  45. Seth80 says:

    I did not play the game yet but I found Pedro.

  46. Dave says:

    I got 800 out of 800 I did a great job.

  47. Cowboy says:

    Good teaching tool!

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